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When Is Nepali Festival Dashain On This Year 2022 (2079 BS)

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    When is Nepali festival Dashain on this year 2022? :- Nepal is a beautiful, mountainous, and prosperous land. It is also a significant tourist destination globally—the land of mountains and the valleys with green valleys of lush green forests, mountains, and hillsides. The land of ancient cultures, people, and traditions that are so rich and the history of the land goes back a long way to the past, to humans’ early days.

    Nepal is the home of many different religions, ethnicities, and ethnic groups. The culture of Nepal is deeply rooted in the Hindu religion. The people of this country are very much Hindus, which is a significant influence in their lives. Most of the people of this country are Hindu, and the majority are Buddhists too.

    The Hindu religion so many influences Nepal’s culture that one could say that the whole of the people of the country is Hindu. They have a very strong connection with the Hindu religion, and in fact, the whole country is very much influenced by it. The other culture, which is very much vital in this country, is the Hindu culture. This culture is mostly practiced in the Hindu religion-based culture, which is very popular among the people in this country.

    In this article, we will be talking about Nepal’s culture, which is very much influenced by the Hindu religion and Dashain festival. It is the people of this country and the history of the country, which show very much influences from Hinduism. We will also talk about the places where people gather and worship the Hindu gods and goddesses and the temples.

    A very famous temple in Nepal is the Pashupatinath temple, which is situated at the Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, is related to Hindu God Shiva. It is very popular among the people because of its natural beauty and natural surroundings.

    It is very popular amongst the people to visit this temple and pray. The people worship God Shiva, and they also worship the Goddess Parvati, and they have a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. He is also very much a favorite deity for them. The most famous God of the Hindus is Lord Mahadev, and they have a temple dedicated to him as well. There are many worship places like temples in this country, which are very much known in Nepal.

    Nepal Is Located on South Asia

    Nepal is located in South Asia, the world’s highest mountain nation. It has a vibrant culture, tradition, history, mountains, deserts, lakes, waterfalls, etc.

    Nepal, formally known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a beautiful South Asia country. It lies in the lower Himalayas between India and Pakistan. It is mainly on the west side of the Himalayas and includes parts of the Indian plains, but includes details of the Indus Valley. It is the ninth largest country by total land area and the fifth largest by population.

    Nepal is considered to be a wonderful place, with its picturesque mountains and breathtaking lakes. In addition to all this, there are lots of other attractions in Nepal such as the Kathmandu valley, the country’s capital; Mount Everest; Langtang; Annapurna; Manang; Annapurna Circuit; Everest Base Camp trek; Dolpa region; Manang Region; Manang Region trek; Lake Rara; Lake Fewa; Pokhara, Lumbini, Janakpur. The most popular trekking tours in Nepal include Annapurna Circuit, Mount Everest Base Camp, Langtang, etc.

    Most tourists go for Nepal trekking in summer months, but winter also provides a beautiful experience, especially when you choose to visit the Himalayan peaks during the monsoon season. The main tourist peak in Nepal is Mount Everest, which can not be seen during the monsoon, and the mountain can not be climbed. Besides the main peak, many other famous flowers and districts make for the right trekking spots. There are lots of lodges and cottages available along the Nepal backpacking trails, offering different lodging facilities.

    Nepal travel guides and Nepal tours companies offer a lot of assistance to the trekkers during their Nepal trekking tour. These guides provide a lot of information about the places around; they also ensure that all necessary gear is carried along with the trekkers.

    Nepal trekking tours also help arrange everything required to get all tourists through the country safely from one end to another. Nepal also provides an excellent opportunity to its visitors to explore its culture, traditions before, during, and after their Nepal trekking experience.

    Nepal can be visited as a complete package with all the three components mentioned above if you plan and select the right Nepal destination. You can have the best of all worlds by going through all three goals on a single trip.

    Dashain festival of Nepal

    Dashain festival of Nepal is a major religious celebration of Nepal, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. Being home to over 125 tribes, ethnicities and other religious groups, Nepal has always been considered a secular nation till date. Dashain is widely celebrated by Hindus as an important day of good omen. It marks the end of the rains and the arrival of monsoon. It is one of the most awaited festivals in NEPAL.

    Dashain festival was started in Nepal in the ancient era and it is still celebrated with much enthusiasm. It marks the start of the rainy season and people start preparing for it in the month of Ashoj or Kartik. The first day of Dashain celebrations is also known as ‘Ghatasthapana‘ in Nepal and is observed as a special festival in most of the Hindu temples in Nepal and abroad.

    Fulpati, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Vijayadashami are the four most important days in Dashain festival. The main reason for celebrating Dashain festival is the belief that Goddess Durga is coming to earth once again to take revenge on the demon Mahishasur.

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    This is also believed to be the end of the age of darkness as the demon king Mahishasur will be gone forever and Goddess Durga will be lord of earth and sky. In Nepal, the people decorate the places of worship with flowers, leaves and even small figurines of the deities of Goddess Durga. A lot of offerings are made to the deities in exchange for the release of their spirits.

    The main festival of Dashain festival of Nepal is the Vijayadashami of Nepal. It takes place in the 10th day of Dashain festival and is celebrated by thousands of Nepalese people.

    When is Nepali festival Dashain date
    When Is Nepali festival Dashain

    Dashain is celebrated with the whole lot of festivity in Nepal and is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in the Nepalese community.

    When is Nepali festival Dashain?

    Dashain festival fall on the 5th October of 2022, Friday. According Hindu calendar Vikram samvat calendar it falls on Friday, 19th of Ashoj, 2079 BS.

    Dashain date

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