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Learn More About Vijaya Dashami, The 10th Day of Dashain Is The Most Auspicious Day Of Festival

    10th day of Dashain festival Vijayadashami :- There are a number of religious festivals celebrated by Hindus all around the world. These festivals celebrate any typical event from the mythology and are often coincided with seasonal changes.

    Some festivals are short and are celebrated for a day while are few of the festivals are long and celebrated for days. In this regards, few of the festivals celebrated by Hindus are; Dashain, Deepawali / tihar, Holy, Krishna Janasthami, Janai Purnima, teej and many more.

    All these celebrations mark mythological events and are celebrated by all Hindus worldwide. Especially in Nepal, these festivals are auspiciously celebrated and everyone embraces the festival with equal joy, excitement and love.

    Among all festivals, one festival that is celebrated for the longest period of time is Dashain. It is celebrated for consecutive 15 days in Nepal and in various parts of India. Dashain falls during the September or October of every year bringing joy to all Hindus worldwide.

    Dashain, also called Vijaya Dashami is a festival that is celebrated by Hindus all around the world. In India, this festival is also called as Dashera or Durga puja. This is celebrated by the Nepalese, Indians and by all Hindus around the world. This festival has expanded to even Bhutan and Myanmar as well.

    Dashai is the longest festival celebrated by Nepalese. It is equally popular among the diaspora around the globe. It is the most awaited festival in Nepal, India, Butan, Burma and other south Asian nations where Hindus reside. In Nepal, it is celebrated for 15 days and government offices, private offices and many educational institutions remain closed during the important days of the festival.

    Dashain falls in September or October and starts from the bright lunar fortnight or Shukla paksha. This festival ends on the Purnima (Full Moon) after 15 days. During these fifteen days, various Poojas and rituals are performed in honor of Goddess Durga and her various forms or incarnations. It is one of the most important and anticipated festival as families look forward this festival to get together with the family and enjoy the festival.

    Dashain, the festival of exchanging gifts, elaborate pujas, blessings and family union is just a few weeks away. All Hindus are well prepared to celebrating this festival with lots of enthusiasm.

    Nepal Is A Beautiful Country – Still a Beautiful Place

    Nepal is a beautiful country that is known for many admirable and special qualities. However, it would be devastating if Nepal was to follow the Tibet way of doing things. Therefore, by their very short-sighted approach, Nepal’s present rulers are making a historical error. One hopes that they will realize this in due course and prevent further movements towards disaster.

    The past rulers of Nepal have ruled as a democracy. This has brought more stability and security to the country and helped the people understand the true meaning of freedom. It is important to realize that most people living in Nepal want democracy and freedom to govern themselves. They want to enjoy the fruits of their democratic and freedom-respecting labors.

    If democracy is allowed to exist in Nepal, then this would not only help bring stability and security but would also help in bringing tremendous respect and legitimacy to the nation. Without this respect and legitimacy, there would likely not be a great deal of peace in the country. There will be more people who seek to exploit the people, especially those living in rural areas. Therefore, it is important to understand that peace must be achieved to preserve freedom.

    The present rulers of Nepal should realize that by allowing freedom, they will also protect the nation and the people. This is why there must be a transition from one regime to another without letting anyone dominate. It must be ensured that Nepal’s future leaders have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the situation to make an informed decision.

    It is important to recognize that the past rulers of Nepal have left behind some wonderful legacy.

    Nepal is not a perfect country, but it is undoubtedly a country that is very beautiful. And they should be enjoyed by everyone. Nepal’s present rulers should ensure that the people continue to enjoy the fruits of their democratic and freedom-respecting labors. By allowing a free and fair election to take place. By this, the country will be able to move forward in a positive direction.

    Goddess Durga

    The Durga Goddess is one of the major deities of Hinduism. She has been worshiped for several thousands of years by different tribes of Indians. Her temples and shrines are situated in most parts of India. Her image is portrayed in various symbols, photos, and idols.

    The Goddess is worshiped as the world’s creator, a goddess who is revered as the most powerful of all the deities. She is associated with all the divine attributes, such as compassion, courage, strength, and wisdom. She is considered as the most powerful of all the deities.

    The Durga Goddess is believed to have appeared in the form of a woman at the top. This was done to get the blessings from the gods. The Durga Goddess has been worshiped since ancient times. Her temples are famous all over world. The temple dedicated to her is the most popular among the Hindus.

    It is believed that the Durga has nine form or Avtar. She is also associated with the elements of power. She is related to the Dashain festival as well. Durga Mata is worshiped during Dashain festival or say during Navratri festival. Her devotees also believe that she can make happy giving power and strenth if ever the earth will be destroyed. Her devotees do again think that she is the protector of their families and property.

    The Durga Goddess is believed to help you in getting rid of your evil powers. If you wish to get rid of your evil karma, you should worship her in her temples. She can also grant you a boon.

    To worship the Durga Goddess, you should first have a piece of red cloth draped around her. Then it would be best if you offered flowers to her along with her entourage. She is considered to be the Goddess of strength. She is also believed to be the Goddess of strength, protection, and happiness.

    You should also decorate your house with pictures of Durga. Her hands are also placed on various holy symbols of the Hindus. Her right hand is adorned with lotus leaves while her left hand has the symbol of Ganesha.

    You should also pray to her so that you can get a good fortune for yourself. You should also pray that your house will be protected from harm—bad and evil spirits.

    Durga is believed to grant health to those who are blessed with her favors. The people who are very careful about their health, love, and prosperity and have complete control over their body can attract the Durga’s blessings. You should also use the five elements as prayers for better health.

    If you are a spiritual person, then Durga Mata would be an ideal Goddess to worship. As the Goddess of the Warrior, Durga Mata is believed to be the only woman in the Hindu Pantheon who will protect her devotees from the wrath of Lord Brahma.

    Lord Shiva’s wife, Parvati, was the primary consort to him. He left her to wander the world as he went forth on a mission of selfless service. She is said to have appeared to Lord Shiva and instructed him of his destiny. She gave him all the answers to his questions and told him what he needed to know. As a result, Lord Shiva attained God-consciousness, and thus he was fully prepared to embrace the final journey.

    Durga is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. For the Hindus, she is the symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good health. It is believed that the devotees of Durga Mata will enjoy the fruits of their labor and enjoy all the bounties that the Universe has to offer.

    The Durga Mother Goddess is the main deity of the Durga Puja festival. She is a mighty and magnificent divinity worshiped throughout India and the world for her powerful powers, intelligence, and love. She is also known as the mother Goddess. Her name means ‘The one who is full of goodness.’ She is a powerful divine being; she is highly intelligent and has powerful and protective energy. She has been described as the protector and a very kind and gentle mother.

    Durga is associated with three significant aspects. The most important of these aspects are her love, wisdom, and divine power. She is an ever loving and forgiving Goddess who has a vast knowledge of the world around her. She is a beautiful creator of everything in the world and is the creator of the human soul. The Durga Mother Goddess is the goddess of love and intelligence. She has been worshiped for centuries in India and now throughout the world as well.

    The Durga Mother Goddess has been the goddess of destruction and death for ages. Her wrath is so great that it brings destruction and death to everything in the world. However, if we follow her instructions, she will give us all the good things we desire in life and protect us from any bad happenings.

    All of us who have been gifted with the ability to understand her power has been blessed with this gift. Therefore, we have been able to know and understand her, and she has given us the strength to live our lives with happiness and freedom.

    The Importance of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

    Hindu deities are the most important part of Indian religion, as well as spirituality. They are symbols and beings, representing a specific aspect of your individual life. In Hinduism, a person’s life is divided into different stages, or karmas, which correspond to different Hindu deities.

    Hindu deities are very powerful entities, which represent their personality. Some of the most important Hindu Gods are Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Vishnu. Most of them are also associated with several other characteristics, such as good health, wealth, and sexual prowess. Some of them have also been associated with different qualities, such as love, compassion, and kindness.

    Hindu deities are usually significant figures and are believed to possess a great deal of power in their lives and the world. They are seen as the supreme power of the universe, and they are seen as having complete control over the natural elements of the universe, such as Earth, air, and water.

    The Hindu gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon are often worshiped by all followers of a specific religion, regardless of their race or religion. Hindu temples are known to contain hundreds of statues of deities representing all aspects of your Hindu beliefs.

    Some of the most popular Hindu deities include Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty, who was worshiped during the festive season, the supreme god of creation and maintenance, who were revered during the period of Hinduism. Vishnu, another prominent Hindu deity, is considered to be the one who created life on Earth.

    Hindu devotees often make offerings of flowers and fruits to these deities at different times of the year. Hindu festivals are an important part of Hindu culture and are celebrated with great enthusiasm to honor Hindu deities and protect them from evil spirits.

    Many Hindu temples are also considered to be symbols of the world and the Hindu gods and goddesses themselves. Many devotees believe that these places of worship, built in a specific place, symbolize a particular area of the world. These temples may also be home to many of the statues and idols of Hindu deities. In some cases, statues and idols of these deities are used as reminders to pray for the worship ceremony’s success.

    10th day of Dashain Happy Vijaya dashami to you & your family image
    Happy Vijaya Dashami to you & your family

    Several other Hindu traditions have a great deal to do with these statues and idols. Some of the most important Hindu deities are often worshiped in temples, to protect from evil forces and other negative forces that might harm the worshiper.

    There are many myths associated with Hindu deities. Some of the most popular ones include stories of how these gods and goddesses gained their powers and how they were born. Other myths tell of the creation of the universe and the struggle between good and evil forces in creating the universe. Hindu deities are also important because they help people in their quest for spiritual growth.

    Mythological significance of Dashain

    Dashain festival has mythological backstory to it. This festival is being celebrated by the Hindus around the world in the honor of Goddess Durga (Durga Bhawani) on her victory over the demon Mahisasur. As per Hindu Mythological sayings, during the Satya yug, the demon named Mahisasura terrorized the entire world. To liberate the world from the terrors of demon, all gods fought with the devil. However, despite their efforts, Gods got defeated. Hence, Goddess Durga was made from the lights of all gods who finally defeated the Devil and liberated the world. It is believed that the epic battle lasted for 9 days and after 9 days long battle, goddess claimed victory over the devil. Since then, Dashain is celebrated on Goddess’s honor. Various pujas and religious practices are performed during the festival to worship Goddess Durga and her various forms.

    Similarly, it is also believed that the Dashai is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Bhagwan Ram over the demon king of Lanka, Ravan. In any case, Dashain symbolizes the victory of good over evil. This festival symbolizes the conquest of virtue over the evil.

    Dashain in Nepal

    In Nepal, Dashai has both mythological and historical importance. This festival is celebrated by Hindus and Buddhist newars with just few differences in interpretations and is celebrated for 15 consecutive days. The first 9 days of Dashain is called Navaratri and leads to the most important day; Vijaya Dashaimi. Goddess Durga along with her various incarnations are worshipped by Hindus and Hindu newars throughout Kathmandu valley.

    In Nepal, Dashain also means a celebrations of getting together with family, eating and sacrificing meat, trekking, family outing and most importantly flying kites and playing on the swings. Each activity performed during these 15 days have one or other historical significances.

    In Nepal, Dashain is celebrated for 15 days and among all, day first, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and fifteenth are most significance. Below are the days and its names

    Day 1 : Ghatasthapana

    Day 7: Phulpati

    Day 8: Maha Asthami

    Day 9: Maha Navami

    Day 10: Vijaya Dashaimi

    Day 15: Kojagrat Purnima All these days are very importance in Nepal and various types of rituals functions are practiced during the period to adore Goddess Durga and her various forms. Starting from the first day, Dashain celebrated till the 15th day called Kojagrat Purnima.

    Vijaya Dashami, The 10th Day of Dashain Is The Most Auspicious Day Of Festival

    The 10th days of the Dashain festival, supposedly the day Goddess Durga claimed victory over the demons is the most important day if the festival. It is also believed that, on this day, Lord Ram claimed victory over the demon king of Lanka with the blessings of Goddess Durga. Hence, this day symbolizes the day of good over the bad. This day is the most anticipated day of entire Dashain festival.

    In Nepal, on the 10th day of Dasshain, senior members of the family bestow blessings to the juniors. Family members from around the globe visit their home to take blessings from their elders on this day. It is believed that taking blessings from elders always protects the younger members of the family. This practice is extended to other relatives as well.

    Morning rituals / puja

    As with the other days of Dashai, the 10th day of the festival starts with the morning rituals or pooja. The male members of the family recite the Chandi Path, whereas the females indulge themselves to other Durga Puja. Similarly, from the morning, people start making different types of cuisines for the celebrations and puja purpose. Typically, different types of Nepalese staple food along with various meat recipes and rotis are made on this day for the celebrations. However, as per the rituals, eating food is allowed only after the receiving Tika and Jamara from the elders on the stipulated time.

    Significance of Tika and Jamara

    On the 10th day of Dashain, it is common to see people going from one place to another with red tika on their forehead and yellow-green jamara in their head. Tika and jamara are the integral part of the festival which adds colors to this festival. But, what are “Tika and Jamara” and most importantly, what are its significances?

    Well, Tika is the mixture of red vermillion powder, yoghurt and rice. Similarly, Jamara is the sprouted barley. Elders of the family stack the Tika over the forehead of young family members and is the way of bestowing good fortune, lifelong happiness and health. Tika is put on the forehead by only the elders of the family or by the priest. Thought it can get messy at times, taking taka from the elders on this auspicious day is the most anticipated moment for everyone over the period of Dashain festival.

    Along with tika, Jamara is also indispensable part of the Dashain festival. In fact, jamara is even more important than tika as these sprouted barley takes used on the 10th day of Dashain takes 9 days to nuture and care. On the first day of Dashain, Ghatasthapana, barley seeds are planted in the prayer room of the over the holy sand taken from the river. For 9 days, this area is nurtured and protected to get the perfect Jamara to use on the day of Dsshain.

    In Nepal, president of Nepal also offer tika and jamara to everyone visiting. Previously, the king of Nepal used to follow this practice. But now, president is following the practice of giving blessings to all Nepalese visiting the president house.

    Forms of Celebrations

    Durga Visarjan: Besides celebrating Vijaya Dashami by putting red tika and jamara from elders, in various parts of Nepal and India, Durga Visarjan is performed on the 10th day. Durga Visarjan is performed after celebrating 9 days of Navratri worshipping 9 forms of Goddess DUrga.

    For the 10th Day rituals of Durga Visarjana, huge clay structure or statue of Goddess Durga is worshipped during the navratri period. This clay structure of Durga is displayed in various puja pandals or stages for devotees to offer the prayers.

    After the Navratri is completed, the clay structure of Goddess Durga is submerged in the holy water. With this process, the Durga Puja, one of the major festivals in various Indian subcontinent is completed.

    In Nepal too, people of terai has the practice of creating various starts for Durga Puja and finally submerging it following the rituals on the 10th day.

    Dashain celebrations continues

    In Nepal, Dashain celebration continues for 5 more days till the purnima. From the 15th day that is Vijaya Dashami to the 15th that is purnima, people visit different places to take blessings from the elders. The rituals of taking tika and jama continues.

    In this way, the 10th day of Dashain; Vijaya Dashami is witnessed in Nepal and other parts of India.


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