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Know More About Second Day of Dashain Festival of Nepal

    The second day of Dashain Festival :- Dashain, also known as Bada Dashain or Dusshera, is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Hindus all around the world. The Hindus living in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh celebrate this festival, which is Dashain equally important to the Hindu diaspora scattered all around the world. Dashain is regarded as the festival of fun, sacrifice, and, most importantly, the festival celebrating “Victory of Good over the Evil.” 

    Every year, the Dashain festival is celebrated for fifteen days and falls in September or October. As per Nepali Calendar, Dashain starts from the 1st of Karthik Month and is celebrated till the 15th day; 15th of Karthik. Similarly, as per Gregorian Calender, Dashain is starting from 17th October 2022.

    Dashain is just around the corner. In only a few weeks, the festival is officially beginning. However, festival fever has already enthralled people. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that is prevalent, people are looking forward to celebrating this festival with equal thrill. 

     People do celebrate the Dashain festival with lots of fun and enthusiasm. However, it is very important to understand why this festival is being celebrated, the historical and religious importance, and how to celebrate this festival? Let’s start with the festival’s religious and historical significance, following which this article will provide you with detailed information about the second day of the 15 day long festival. 

    The religious and historical importance of the Dashain

    The 15 days long Dashain Festival holds religious as well as historical importance. As declared by the Hindu Mythology, Dashain is celebrated as a remembrance of the Devil Mahisasura and the Goddess Durga. The latter claimed victory over the terrorizing Devil. It is believed that the battle took place for ten days, and on the 10th day, Goddess claimed victory. Hence, since then, this festival is celebrated, and Dussera is regarded as the symbol of “Good over the Evil.” 

    In Nepal and India, Dashain is celebrated in different forms. While Nepalese call the festival Dashain or Bada Dashain, this festival is marked as “Navratri” and “Durga Puja” in other parts of India and Nepal. Nevertheless, the essence of all festivals is the same, and Goddess Durga and her 9 different manifestations/ avatars are worshipped over the festival time.  

    Dashain festival starts with a very important day, i.e., Ghatasthapana. It is the day when the pot/vessel/ Ghata or Kalash that represents Goddess Durga is placed on the pooja room of an individual home or the temples. This Ghata is filled with water and is covered by cow dung to purify it.

    Seeds of barley and corn are inserted on the cow dung of the Kalash and are placed on the prayer room for next following 10 days letting the seeds sprout to become 4-5 inches long. The sprouted seeds grow into the grass that is called Jamara. This Jamara is used on the day of Vijaya Dashami. 

    Second Day of Dashain Image
    Happy Dashain

    Dashain festival is celebrated with much joyful and happiness festival in Nepal. On this occasion, all the people in Nepal take to the this festival to celebrate their happy memories of the past. The festival of Dashain is not very similar to New Year but has a different flavor. Instead of exchanging presents, blessings with Jamara and gifts, the people exchange opinions on the spiritual life. There is an old saying, “Happy is not measured by wealth, but happiness is measured by knowledge.”

    There are two major festivals of Dashain; Dashain and Tihar. Dashain festival is the festival of victory of goodness over evil.

    For the Dashain festival, you must be on the home. This festival is considered auspicious if you succeed in solving all the problems faced by you because it is faith that Goddess Durga gives you all the power to solve the problems. The this festival is celebrated to get the blessings from Goddess Durga to get rid of all of the issues and problems faced.

    The Dashain Festival is very important for Nepal. This festival gives the state much needed happiness. Even rich people celebrate this festival, and the poor people also celebrate. So, this festival is very much significant in people’s lives, and everyone enjoys it with great happiness.

    Vijayadashami or also known as Dussehra, Dasara, or Dashain, is an important Hindu festival celebrated around October. It is believed that Dashain, or the celebration of Vijaya Dashami, started around several centuries BC and is believed to be the oldest festival in Hindu religion. This tradition has been passed down to modern times and is believed to be a spiritual and cultural holiday.

    The festival is mostly celebrated during the day, but some people dress up as goddesses. The most popular goddess on this occasion is Goddess Durga, who is often represented with the trident. Some other Hindu goddesses also have their festival days, which are also celebrated during Dashain.

    Dashain is also considered a soul purification festival, and people also wear unique outfits, play pings, fly kites, get Jamara and Red Tika and dance to the beat of drums. People believe that a person wearing the right outfit can see divine guidance in the form of a heavenly ray. The whole festival is also celebrated with great fervor.

    Many rituals are also performed during Dashain. There are many places in Nepal where people gather for the festival. In Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, the main temple is located there, which is one of the most popular Dashain festivals in the town. During this festival, people celebrate and dance to the music of drums and sit in the temple during Durga Puja. Many people also have their pictures painted with various deities on this special day. During this festival, people are said to get rid of all their bad luck.

    The whole festival is celebrated as a time to wish each other and offer good wishes.

    Second Day of Dashain Festival of Nepal

    After completing the first day rituals, the second day of the Dashain starts with the prayers in the Pooja room. The chandi mantra is performed for Goddess Durga in the room where the Kalash/Ghata is placed. After the establishment of Ghata on the first day, i.e., Ghatasthapana, it is prayed each day for the next ten days. The male member narrates the prayer or the mantra. Unmarried women are not allowed in the Ghatasthapana / Pooja room. 

    On the second day, Brahmacharini is worshipped. Bhramacharini is one of the incarnations of Goddess Durga. Bhramacharini is worshipped for liberation or moksha and legacy of prosperity and peace. Goddess Brhmacharini is portrayed as walking bare feet, holding a kamandai in her hands. She symbolizes calm and bliss. On this day, one of the incarnations of Parvati is worshipped. 

    Other celebrations

    While the priests and elders in the family indulge in religious activities, children and adults get attracted to various other activities performed during the Dashain festival that enhance the beauty and fun of the festival. Below are a few of the activities that can be performed during the Dashain, starting from the first day of the festival itself. 

    1. Flying kites: Kite-flying is one of the activities that is performed during the Dashain. Kids start flying kites months before the festival for adventure and fun. As per mythology, the kite is passed as a reminder to the god to stop the rain. During the Dashain, hundreds of colorful kits are seen under the blue sky, which enhances happiness and laughter. Different types of kite-flying competitions are arranged during the Dashain. On the second day of the Dashain festival, you can enjoy the adventure of a flying kite. 
    2. Playing Cards: During Dashain, family members and friends gather together and play cards. Playing cards is another important aspect of Dashain, and people have seen playing cards at their homes. 

    Apart from flying kits and playing cards, you can also opt for shopping, playing in swings during the Dashain festival. All in all, Dashain is the festival of fun, laughter, and joy, and you can enjoy it in every way possible. Enjoy the festival with your family and loved ones. 


    Dashain, the 15 day long festival, starts with the Ghatasthapana. All the 15 days of the celebrations are celebrated as the remembrance of good over evil. On the second day precisely, one of the avatars of Goddess Durga, Goddess Brahmacharini, is worshipped. Along with that, different types of entertainment activities like playing cards, flying kites can be performed.

    Similarly, if you are a travel freak, you can go on a vacation during the Dashain. The perfect weather during Dashain is sure to make your travel even more fun. Having said that, since the Covid-19 has become a global Pandemic, make sure you enjoy the festival while being cautious of the virus. Arrange you plan and be safe. 

    Happy Dashain to Everyone! Be safe, and Enjoy! 


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