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Learn More About History of Dashain Festival of Nepal

    History of Dashain :- Dashain is the largest and longest festival month. Dashain is celebrated for ten days from Ghatasthapana to Dashami. Dashain is Nepal’s biggest festival which is a time for celebration, joy, happiness, receiving and giving blessings, lots of good food, and drinks. It is a festival that revives family bonding in many ways.

    Nepal – A Beautiful Country With the Best of All Possible Culture

    Nepal is truly a beautiful country, with all the natural beauty that it has to offer. Nepal is considered one of the most stunning countries in the world, and has been for centuries. Nepal is actually a country which are located in South Asia. Nepal has been able to preserve much of its culture and environment through its modern civilization and infrastructure, which make it truly a unique place.

    Nepal is actually known as “The Land of Gods” and is said to have many caves that are said to be the resting places for many of the creatures that were once there.

    The Kathmandu Valley is another thing that can truly be taken into consideration when thinking about Nepal. The valley is located in the middle of the Himalayan region and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In addition to the incredible beauty of this place, the country is also a great place to study the history of the world.

    If you happen to want to take your family to Nepal, then you will definitely want to consider going on a Nepal tour package. A lot of people in the world have had some experience with Nepal before, but only a few people are able to go there and really see everything that it has to offer. It is true that a lot of people have seen pictures of it, but few people have actually been to this country.

    When considering a tour to Nepal, the best choice is usually going to be going to Nepal via the train route. Nepal trains have always been one of the most popular ways to get to this wonderful country, and it would not be too far of a stretch to say that they are the most common way to get to any other place in the world.

    Nepal is the landlocked country in the world and is located right between China and India. There are many tourist destinations that make up the entire country, including the Kathmandu, Mount Everest, Langtang and Annapurna.

    Another thing that you may want to keep in mind is that the country is very safe and secure, and the country is considered to be safe enough that many companies that offer air travel are based there.


    In Nepal, the Dashain festival is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm, as it is considered the mother of all the Goddess. The festival is the most important part of the Nepali tradition, which celebrates the arrival of Goddess Durga into the world. Since times immemorial, the Goddess has been revered as the divine and mysterious mother. In Nepal, this festival is celebrated in different parts of the country for several days.

    The festival is considered one of the most important festivals in Nepal. It is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this festival in other countries. Several factors contribute to the increasing popularity of the festival in various parts of the world. However, the most important reason is that it is believed that this festival is not only dedicated to Goddess Durga but also all the women.

    This festival is believed to victory of Goodness over evil into the world. They perform various rituals to celebrate the festival and pay homage to their ancestors and Goddess Durga. In some villages, there are idols of Goddess Durga, which is mostly a female deity.

    The festival’s main purpose is to celebrate the birth of the Goddess and make her the most powerful and beautiful. Some of the shrines of these deities can be found all over Nepal and are considered to be very important for the worship of Goddess Durga.

    History of Dashain Jamara Image
    Jamara Image

    The festival lasts for several days. However, many people attend this festival to worship and pay homage to their Goddess. During the final day of Dashain, people do sacrifice their goat, and animals. It is believed that this sacrifice will bring good luck to the people who sacrifice their animals.

    In Nepal, the festival has a great impact on the entire Nepali culture and tradition. Some of the best places that celebrate this festival include Kathmandu, Pokhara, Janakpur, Dharan, Dang, Nepalgunj, Ilam, Biratnagar etc. During the Dashain, the entire city gets decorated with garlands, Goddess status, Pandals, Mela, which symbolize the worship of the Goddess and the destruction of the demons.

    The festival is believed to bring about a lot of good fortune to people, especially for those born around this time. People in Terai Madhesh have been practicing this festival for hundreds of years, and it is believed to be a time of great prosperity and luck.

    History of Dashain

    Dashain festival carries significance and have history. Here, we are with the history of Dashain.


    Ram, Sita, and Laxman went for 14 years Banbas. Ravana abducted Sita. Ravana refused to escalate the situation when Rama asked Ravana to release her. This leads to a war between Ram and Ravana. Ravana received a boon from the creator-god Brahma after performing severe penance for a thousand years.

    After getting boon, gods, spirits, demons cannot kill Ravana. He disturbs the penance of the Rishis and he is portrayed as a powerful king of demons. To defeat and kill Ravan, Lord Vishnu was incarnated as the human Ram eluding the Lord Brahma’s boon.

    There was a deadly and fierce battle between Rama and Ravana. Ram killed Ravana by which it is believed to the victory of truth over evil and evil rule ends. Ravan’s got ten heads. The killing of the ten-headed man is called Dusshera. Finally, due to Ram’s victory over Ravana, Dharma was established on Earth. Thus, recalling the victory of Good over Evil, this festival is celebrated.


    According to Mahabharat, the Pandavas spent their 13 years of exile in disguise in the Virata kingdom. They’re known to have hung their celestial weapons for a year in a Shami tree for safekeeping before going to Virata.[18][19] Kichaka is killed by Bhima. Duryodhana assumes that the in Matsya, Pandavas were hiding by knowing about the death of Kichaka. Presumably, to steal their cattle, Virata was attacked by a host of Kaurava warriors, but desiring to pierce the Pandavas’ veil of anonymity in reality.

    Dispute talks were held between Drona and Karna. As Arjun was the favorite student of Drona and Drona deliberately praised Arjuna. So, Karna told Duryodhan that he would easily defeat Arjuna and did not feel threatened by Drona’s words. Ashwathama supports his father by praising Arjun.

    The battle begins between Arjun and the Kuru army as a whole. To kill Arjun, all the warriors together including Kripa, Ashwathama, Bhishma, Drona, Karna, attacked Arjuna. But Arjuna defeated all the warriors several times at the same time.

    Also, Arjun killed Karna’s foster brother, Sangramjita in the battle. To save his life from Arjun, Karna tried to flee away instead of taking revenge on his brother. Arjuna invoked Sammohanaastra, which made the whole army fall asleep by which Karna couldn’t fly away from Arjun. Arjun demonstrated that he was the best warrior in the world in the battle. Arjun alone defeated the entire Kaurabh Army.

    So, this was Victory of the truth over the lie. The victory of Pandav over Kauravas took place in the day when Ram killed Ravan. The day also became popular as “Vijaya Dashami” as there was the victory of truth.

    Durga killed Mahisasur

    As per Hindu Scripture, the Dashain festival is the celebration of the victory of the goddess Durga in her battle against Mahishasura. The festival thus epitomizes the victory of truth over evil. The great battle between Goddess Durga and  Mahishasura (water buffalo demon) resulted in the victory of Goddess Druga.

    So, to celebrate the victory, the Dashain festival began. According to the Hindu myth, Mahishasura caused trouble in the world, and all the gods were so worried. Then, they approached Shiva and the goddess Durga stepped forward to stop the problem. She had to fight with the demon, Mahishasura.  

    The battle lasted ten days and was finally won on the tenth day by Goddess Durga. Victory signifies Vijaya, and Dashami represents the tenth day.


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