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33 Lovely Happy Dashain Wishes for Your Girlfriend in English

    Happy Dashain Wishes for girlfriend in English

    1. You light up my life, and I feel very lucky to have you: happy Dashain 2077 Dear, Lots of blessings and lots of love.

    2. Look at the sky and feel the smell of love and happiness. Happy Dashain to one of my precious and favorite person existing love you always  

    3. Happy Dashain 2077, my love, Wishing you all the best for the coming days. May our bond be more vital than before and for a lifetime?

    4. You are Diamond in the dirt; you are blooming Sunflower between cactuses, keep blooming, and let others bloom too. Happy Dashain, Sweetheart. May Goddess Durga bless you with abundant health and happiness

    5. It feels so happy to have as my evergreen soul mate. May my love brighten your whole life Happy Dashain 2077.

    Happy Dashain Wishes for girlfriend in English

    6. The first day I saw you were the first day I felt like I have found someone I was searching for. You were at the event during Dashain, and I will never forget that moment when I kept starring at you being a statue. Now, it’s been five years that we are together, and we will be together forever. Happy Dashain, dear I hope you enjoy openly and stay satisfied within this epic, beautiful festival.

    7. Your smile shakes me like a 9 magnitude earthquake. Happy Dashain, my lovely Barbie; I wish you many blessings and hope that smile stays the same forever.

    8. It’s the time to forget everything and move on, starting a new beginning with this festive season. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2077. May your soul awake with the vibes and frequencies of this biggest festival.

    9. You made my life colorful, adding bliss and luck with your surprising entry. My heart feels your love to the depth; stay the same always and hope this Dashain brings joy and prosperity in your life and your family. Happy Dashain 2077

    10. Life becomes so good with you; you are the reason I’m, smiling every day. Happy Dashain, my sweetheart. Have a good shower with blessings and love, and always support me to the end. Love you forever

    11. it’s just you and me flying like kites above the clouds. I want to give you a suitable happiness package with lots of joy and precious moments in this beautiful festive season. Happy Dashain 2077. May goddess Durga keep your smile constant forever. 

    Happy Dashain Wishes for girlfriend in English

    12. Love is in the air. Love is binding us. I hope the blessings of this beautiful festival make our bond much stronger than before. Happy Dashain, sweetheart. Have fun and enjoy a lot.

    13. There’s a melodious tone in your voice, your eyes are loyal, I can feel your every feelings and gut because you are so real, and I’m happy to have you too. Happy Dashain, Keep shining, have fun, dear.

    14. Your sweet presence makes me alive every time. I can’t express my happiness when I see your smile every time like it’s beyond my imagination. Happy Dashain, sweetheart. May you achieve everything which you always wanted in your life.

    15. As the spirit of Dashain is upon us, I want to take my precious time to thank you for all your help, love, and kindness. You pulled me out from the darkness, and I’m happy to have you in my life. May your Dashain be unique and memorable. Enjoy every moment with the depth of the heart. Happy Dashain 2077

    16. I see you as Goddess Durga, who brightens my days and my life, and I’m thankful to call you my love always. Happy Dashain 2077. May you enjoy every moment with a lot of blessings.

    17. This Dashain is truly special for you and me. I’m happy only in your existence. Happy Dashain sweetheart

    18. Come closer and feel me with the vibe of Dashain. Let’s fly a kite higher than our hope. Happy Dashain, my love

    19. Cook some delicious foods for me during this Dashain, and I will send a lot of blessings and luck to you. Stay with me forever, dear. Happy Dashain

    20. You are unique; this vibe is impressive, and this festive season in particular. Everything here is outstanding at the beginning of this festive season. Happy Dashain dear, Hope you achieve everything that you have dreamed of.

    21. Happy Dashain 2077, dear. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Love the way you do everything so correctly with that smile. Stay safe and take care.

    Happy Dashain Wishes for girlfriend in English

    22. What we have this week is one of the biggest festival Dashain. And I feel so happy that I will be celebrating this whole fifteen days with you. I’m so excited for the upcoming days. May goddess Durga Vawani keep our bond stronger than before with all the blessings and love.

    23. After a long time of tiredness and hard work, finally I got this precious time to spend with my favorite evergreen person this festive season. Dashain is bringing a lot of happiness and joy to our life, be ready to get a shower of blessings together, my sweetheart. Happy Dashain 2077

    24. Happy Dashain, my love keeps shining and loving me forever.

    25. Wishing you all the best for ahead, I know you will be with me forever. Happy Dashain dear, love you always keep smiling

    26. I saw a dream of our future kids having fun with bamboo swings and flying kites. That dream was not an ordinary dream. It will come true for sure. Happy Dashain, my sweet lady, Hope you get your dream dress during this festive season. Stay blessed

    27. I want the most beautiful girl in the world to be happy about spending this beautiful festival with me. We will be eating delicious foods, exploring a new area, spending time with our families, and I’m glad this is happening. Happy Dashain, I love you.

    28. You lifted me when I was down, you motivated me when I got no options, and you showed me the right direction when I was moving in the wrong. Thank you, my love, for everything you did to me now; Happy Dashain, let’s have fun, hope your smile will be constant forever.

    Happy Dashain Wishes for girlfriend in English

    29. It feels so good to know that we will be marrying one day and live a perfect life. I love how you take care of your loved ones, and I stay the same and Happy Dashain 2077.

    30. The love you share is always real and exciting to me; I wish you good health and a lot of blessings with this festive season. May goddess Durga keep you safe always?

    31. A special wish for you, my dear, filled with joy and love. I am sending you a whole lot of kisses and hugs. Have the right moment during this festival. Happy Dashain, my sweetheart. Stay blessed.

    32. Feel the vibes and the wave of frequency brought by this biggest festival. Happy Dashain honey, Have sweet moments, and stay blessed.

    33. May luck and love fills your life with the beginning of the festival. I’m always with you, and I know you will still support and love me till the end. Happy Dashain, my love, Enjoy and have fun.

    34. Your presence is beautiful as rhododendron; your tone is melodious and relaxing as Dashain music; this festival always reminds me of your love and warmth for me. I’m so lucky to have you as my beautiful soul mate. Happy Vijaya Dashami.


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