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100 Happy Dashain 2021 Wishes & Messages For Family in English

    Happy Dashain wishes for family in English: Dashain is the biggest Hindu festival. This year, Dashain is in Kartik month. People are excited and the surrounding among us is filled with positive vibes and waiting for the celebration. This year, people are not going to celebrate Dashain by putting tika and Jamara from far relatives due to Corona pandemic.

    But they will celebrate and enjoy with their family and relatives. People are being more active in social media and mainly use the social sites to exchanges wishes and blessings.

    In this Dashain festival, you can send best wishes to your loved and dear ones. We are here with the best Dashain wishes for your family members. Check it out:

    100 Happy Dashain Wishes For Family in English

    At Dashain, when I think of the true meaning of caring, sharing, giving, I think of you because that’s the kind of sibling you are. Happy Vijaya Dashami, sister.

    Family makes our hearts feel like we are home. Again the wonderful festival is here, the time to wish my family members happiness at home, sweet memories in your hearts, and immense love that keeps you warm throughout the year. Happy Vijayadashami.

    Granddaughter, you have had a sweetness in you since your childhood, which only grows with time. You’d make any family proud and grateful. And what we are, that is! Happy Dashain, honey.

     You leave a little magic with your warmth and good humor wherever you go. You are an amazing daughter and an amazing gift from God. Happy Dashami Vijaya.

    Granddaughter, all that fills you, your smile lights up, makes you laugh and reminds you that you are loved. At Dashain, that is what they wish you for.

    Grandson, few compare with the wonderful gift of family, of the many blessings the Lord pours into our lives. Throughout the years, you have been a blessing, grandson, and Dashain is a good time to remind yourself that you are valued and loved by the very special god that made you be.

    You’re doing a lot to make sure that our life together is a good one. And that’s it. I have a life full of love to share with you and I have nothing in Dashain that is insufficient to ask you for. Happy Dashain.

     Dashain is the best time to feel the goodness around us, appreciate the gifts they are to the people in our lives, and feel the joy more deeply than ever. There is no better time for fun, eating delicious food, and celebrating with the blessing of the elders than Dashain.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    Dashain is a festival that reminds us of the victory of truth over evil and the family ties between us became stronger and stronger with time. Wishing you all happiness, hoping that you know how loved and appreciated you are. Happy Dashami Vijaya.

    Love the way you smile at Dashain! Love your smile! I love the way fun comes from you! I love the way you make everybody’s day bright, warm, and sweet! My sister, Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    Second Day of Dashain Image
    Happy Dashain

    The whole family tree is made more fun by some branches. This is why, with happy thoughts about you, Dashain feels a bit warmer, brighter, and more joyful. Dad, happy Dashain.

    Daughter, you’ll make the occasion bright. You are the reason for so much warmth and enthusiasm in Dashain, with your smiles, your kindness, and your generous spirit. Wishing all the joys of Dashain to a marvelous daughter.

    When I needed it, you gave me so much support and advice and a sort of heartfelt friendship that I can always trust. Siblings are rare, like you. In my life, you are a gift and one that I will always be thankful for. Happy Dashami Vijaya.

    Wishing you, mother and father, Happy Dashain. Being a family means something amazing. Whatever happens, it means loving and being loved. And it’s a good time for Dashain to say that being with you as a family is wonderful.

     You’re a very special daughter. It is so wonderful as time passes and we are more aware that there are many more things important in our life. Many things matter most to Dashain to all eternity which are our best-shared memories, the smile, and the tears in our good and bad days, the immense love that will always deepen.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    What every father wants more for a son, joy, hope, and love, and for someone to share everything with. Happy Dashain to my boy. I couldn’t be happier or more in love with you,

    It simply does not count the blessings, the lessons, the joys that come with a child. Dashain is a very happy time, and having a child-like you gives much of that happiness. I wish you all the happiest occasions of your life and a year full of good things.

    There is a particularly warm feeling that comes from having a daughter to be proud of and a son-in-law who is more like a son. I hope Dashain will bring you as much joy as anyone who loves you. Have a blessed Dashain.

    My husband, true love requires more than flowers, more than words of beauty. Real love means that you hold on to promises when you don’t want to, being strong for the other. Happy Vijaya Dashami to you.

    I stop and think sometimes about what we’ve been through together: the good, the bad, and all that’s in between. And I realize that you are the one with whom I can share the nine life happily.  Happy Dashain, a love of mine.

    Since we became more friends than brothers and sisters, our lives have taken us in many different directions. We have still managed to be together for the truly important things through all the changes that life has brought us, through all the obligations we have had. Happy Dashain to you. Have fun.

    Through the good times and the bad, we have been there for each other, with support and sympathy, laughter, and love. I realize that it is one of the gifts I cherish the most in my life as I think about our deepest bond, and at Dashain, I wanted to make sure that you also knew it.

    To make Dashain fun, there is no one like you, daughter! I love you because you are a beautiful daughter who’s always so thoughtful, so warm and sincere. I love you for bringing the family so much joy, and pride that every year grows deeper and stronger. Happy Dashami Vijaya.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    You bring so much sweetness and joy to life by simply being yourself. That’s why I wish you a Dashain festival full of moments of happiness that your heart will love to remember.

    Dashain reminds me that those which God has already given to my heart are the best gifts. I couldn’t be more blessed or grateful to call you my sister. I want to make sure that I appreciate you a lot and I love you so much. Happy Dashain.

     What makes me so proud of you is that you are kind-hearted and affectionate. By your standards, you are doing what feels right to you. You’re navigating a bright and stable star of your own. Son, you are the best. To my son, Happy Dashain.

    With each bright and shiny surprise, you won’t believe your little eyes. And in this Dashain, dear little one, I wish you will be so much fun to love! Happy Dashain!

    I am very pleased to be a part of your life, sister. I am glad that you are a part of mine. I want to say that you are in my heart and I mean it. So, let me tell you this: I am even more grateful to the people who make my life so good at this time of year, and you are at the top of that list. I wish you have a blessed Dashain.

    Wishing you good times in the traditions you have made with your joyful touch, along with laughter and fun. Wishing a sister and a family who are very dear to all the warm happiness that Dashain is meant to be.

    Thinking back to the gatherings illuminated by your smiles, how you have added your unique styles to our memories. In the hope of reminding you of what is always true, our family’s love accompanies you everywhere. Happy Dashami Vijaya.

    In the lives of others, you make a difference, bring out the best in what life has in store for you, and make everybody smile on these occasions. With your warm and welcoming heart, you are a big gift to this family. Love how love shines on you. My daughter, Happy Dashain 2021.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    The festival of Dashain is to remember the significance of family. The family gives us a sense of belonging and a love that supports and keeps us all together. Always remember how much you want to say, and how much they love you, in particular. Happy Dashain.

    You keep giving, you keep amazing, you keep bringing those poignant smiles, my daughter. Each part of your life brings a unique joy of its own. I love you so much and, in so many ways, I’m proud of you. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    You have good reason to make this season a happy and memorable one, filled with all the good that the Dashain festival can bring and topped off with fun for the holiday! Have a wonderful celebration!

    Certainly, you are one of those gifts and a special reason for feeling so blessed. I hope you know how loved and enjoyed you are, just because you are, on every occasion. I pray that you and all the people of the world will understand the length, breadth, height, and depth of the love of God.

    Over the years, the Dashain festival has certainly changed: a beautiful daughter grew up and had her own beautiful family. Some things, however, will always remain the same, such as the blessings of God, the gratitude that we feel for you as a family gift, and the very special bond of love that we share. Daughter, Happy Dashain.

    I realize more and more as time goes by how much it means to be a family and to have you as a brother. I am very grateful that you are not only my brother but also a guide, best friend, and guardian. Happy Dashain to you.

    You hope that joy will always find you from the day you are born, that life is kind to you, that every day brings you something that reminds you of how much we all love you. I wish you the best in life, son, especially at the festival of Dashain.

    Mother, we want to thank you warmly for the way you are blessing our lives as summer settles gently in and Dashain arrives. The little conversations and smiles we share, the favors you do, the kind and caring gestures that your heart reflects. They make a happy difference that we are both so grateful that you are a blessing to Mom, and we can’t love you anymore. Happy Dashain, my mother.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    There is something about Dashain that helps us remember that the best love of all is the love we share with family. Thinking of you both during this beautiful season and hoping that you know how much it means to be with you as a family. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    We concentrate on the things that matter when Dashain rolls around and loved ones come together, whether in person or thought, and give joyful thanks for all that we have. In this festival of warmth and togetherness, I thank each of you with all my heart. Happy Dashain.

    I love celebrating with you the Dashain festival, how we come with goodies and surprises to feel the magic, making fun times for others, and for our family. And I love how it feels to share with you, my best friend, my partner, my wife, the wonders of the festival, and the joy of normal days.

    Dad, you shouldn’t have to wait to find out how much you want to say on a special occasion. Your love, for special occasions, does not wait. All the time, it is there, strong and firm. But you sure deserve to hear how much you love and appreciate it, particularly at Dashain. Happy Dashain, and thank you for everything you’re doing.

    Having a daughter like you implies having fond memories of all the things that you said and did before. Today, for all that you have become, means full of closeness and love and infinite pride. It means mornings full of sharing and cherishing new joys. Cheerful Dashain.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    A family is the one with whom we share memories and hopes, care, and concerns. A family is people who are there for each other at any circumstances and enjoy Dashain and other festivals with the same enthusiasm. In this Dashain, may there be the fulfillment of happiness and fun in our family. Happy Vijaya Dashami to my loved ones.

    Mom and Dad, the older I get, the more I can understand that Dashain’s true joy is being part of a family like ours. You have given me so much throughout my life to be who you are and to surround me with love.

    Thank you, Mom and Dad, it’s the best gift I could ever receive to have you two as parents, and I’ll always be grateful. Happy Dashain.

    Thinking about the pleasant moments we’re going to share this Dashain, remembering the wonderful Dashain we had and feeling very lucky to have a husband as special as you enjoy this very special season.

    The great things, the little things, the everyday things, the special things, the quick things, the permanent things. Each of them makes a difference, and I’m thankful for that. To my loved ones, Happy Dashain.

    It would be all the happiness you gave me to be my dad if I could give you something for Dashain. I hope you know the hard work done by us to make your future bright. Happy Dashain sweetheart.

    Happy Dashain Messages for family

    We all need someone with whom we can be, with plans or without plans, with or without a clean house. We need someone we can trust, who is quick to listen, who is quick to laugh, who is quick to think our best, who makes us a little richer every minute just by being there with us. Happy Dashain.

    What a better time to tell you than Dashain, how grateful I am for the easy understanding between us, the time we spent, and especially for the way we can just be together. Have a marvelous celebration of Dashain.

    Daughter, I love your spirit and the grace you receive every challenge with, the childlike wonder that your days are still colored. I love your honesty and will to help the needy people. Happy Dashain.

    With genuine compassion, empathy, and friendship that you offer to everybody you meet, I love your heart. I guess. I love all your stuff. And in Dashain, I wish you fun, wisdom, and courage to fight against wrong.

    You have such a good heart, and to those around you, you bring many gifts of love. So I want to tell you at Dashain that I am grateful that I have a loving sister, like you. And I wish you all the joy and happiness that this lovely season has to offer. Happy Dashain.

    Around us, joy. Before us, hope. Family means a lot of love between us, and at Dashain, there could be no warmer wishes than those sent to you all.

    You are a smile and a gift and a wonderful story of growth and change and good times and difficult times and love and memories. You bring a great deal of good to my life, and I am so grateful to you. Happy Vijaya Dashami to you.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    The best blessing for Dashain? It’s the simple things that make life a little happier, more unexpected, more enjoyable. They are the gifts that are in our family’s heart here: our laughter and our love.

     Daughter, make it easy for you to see the wonders of this lovely festival. That’s because, long ago, you opened my eyes to the daily miracles and unexpected blessings surrounding us. This is something that you still do, just because you’re the extraordinary daughter you are. To you, Happy Dashain.

    You are a blessing, daughter and “son”. The two of you make each time of year wonderful. There is no sweeter joy at Dashain and always, than seeing the happiness you have together and there is no blessing brighter than the good times and warm memories we share as a family.

    From everyday conversations to special celebrations and Dashain tika gatherings, you are sure to love being a part of our lives. With the two of you to share, everything we do is brighter and happier. I love you both at Dashain and at all times.

    The nice thing about having you as a brother is that as a friend, you are the kind of person I would choose. You’re a nice guy, and that’s not what I’m saying because it’s Dashain. I love that you’re a brother of mine. Happy Dashain to you. Have a blessed Dashain.

    There is nothing more joyful on earth than children and grandchildren who, throughout the year, fill life with love. Your family becomes more magnificent with each Dashain. All are loved more than ever with each passing year. Have a blessed Dashain 2021.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    The festival to take a break from busy life and celebrate victory over evil is Dashain. It is also the festival to think about the special family joy and to send you extra love, and to wish many happy moments to share with all loved ones. Have a blessed Dashain 2021.

    The lightness and brightness which you have put into our minds. The joy which you have placed in our hearts. The magic and joy that you bring to our time and always have, right from the beginning. Wishing you Happy Dashain.

    We are proud of how you love us and show you. The generous things that you’re doing. With our love, this Dashain, the goodness you put into our lives, is sent to you. Happy Vijaya Dashami to you.

    A dad gives you gifts that you can never surpass. You need someone who strives to understand, someone with patience and a kind, guiding hand, to be a parent. You can trust, respect, and admire somebody. It takes somebody like you to be a wonderful parent. Dad, happy Dashain 2021.

    I want to wish my husband more from my very heart. I want to give you something that lasts, something you can wear every day, and as time goes by, that means more to you. The smile. Cheerful Dashain.

    Husband, you did a great compromise for me, for our family, and all the people around you. We value that. I will always be there for you and we will have more and more celebrations in every festival season. My best wishes are with you always. Happy Vijaya Dashami to you.

    Happy Dashain quotes for family

    Wife, I have no idea what I’d do without you. I pray that the goddess Durga will give you immense blessings that will make love a lifetime of life. Happy Dashain 2078.

    Daughter, to wish you wisdom and courage to help you fight against wrong and to make you feel confident and fearless. I am always with you. Have a blessed Dashain 2021.

    Wishing happiness with moments of fun and the comfort that comes from knowing that you have each other in this Dashain. Wishing you the joy of Dashain, and always, the kind you give all year long to others.

    I thought I could see the future in that little face of yours. It looked beautiful as well. I know now that we’re living in that future, and it’s very different from what I imagined. Wishing for the best Dashami celebration.

    Not everything has been gorgeous. But despite everything, I have been watching you grow and live your life with joy, courage, and hope. Happy Dashain, my daughter.

    We don’t have as much time together as when you were a little girl, I can still look at your beautiful face and tell you the same thing that I said to you before I knew who you were, just like me. Whatever the future holds, I will always tell you. Hey, I love you. Happy Dashami.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family members

    To my pretty sister, Happy Dashain. I always feel comfortable when you are there, which comes from feeling near to you. May the blessing of the elders retain with us all your natural warmth and affection. Have the Best of Dashain Celebration.

    You’re the best, Mom. From day to day, your caring and kind nature make us more secure and joyful. The best is you. I’m going to be in this Dashain at home. So, we’re going to have the best celebration. Happy Dashain, my mother.

    I just wanted to remind you that it has always brought joy and comfort to have you as a sister. No matter what we’re talking about and what we’re doing. To understand me, you are always there. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078.

    Together, we have a good life. Sometimes it gets busy or complicated, but it’s ours and it’s wonderful. I love you despite everything. Just Forever. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    Celebrations such as Dashain remind me of the importance of family, and the two of you are a major part of the celebration. Thank you for all you’ve done to make our family come together. Happy Dashain to you.

    Being a family keeps us, wherever we are, together and connected. At Dashain, there are many blessings to count upon. One of the most pleasant ones is feeling so grateful that you two are included in our family. Happy Dashain.

    The festivals are a happy reminder every year of the good people that we have in our lives. We will always be family no matter how much time passes and you will always be loved. Happy Dashain to you.

    With us, there is a miracle of God. The great wonder of Dashain is the blessings of elders and goddess Durga. A miracle within us from the Goddess Durga. The great wonder of every moment is her grace, love, and power. Happy Dashain 2078.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family members

    With wisdom and courage, Goddess Durga will bless you if you trust her. In God’s love, your courage will grow and keep you strong. In this beautiful season and with the joyful anticipation of her presence throughout the year, may Goddess Durga richly bless you with her immense love. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    You are God’s finest blessing. I want you to know, at this Dashain festival, that I love you a lot and I always appreciate your hard work. Happy Vijaya Dashami, Mom.

    For all your love, the hugs and the help, the smiles, and the support, I am always grateful. The countless things both of you have done to make our lives easier or happier. They may seem to you to be little things, but they make a big difference to us. From the depth of your heart, happy Vijaya Dashami.

    Occasions always provide us with the chance to pause, reflect, and look ahead. I wish you happiness for every brilliant memory you’ve created. I wish you strength for every challenge you confront. I wish success to you for every path you take. And I hope you know, for every gift you have given, how much you love it. Happy Dashain.

    We’ve shared so many laughs, so many memories, and even a few tears, but thanks to love and friendship, we all got through it together. This festival and always, I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve. Happy Dashain.

    That is called joy when you have a child who makes you smile and who often makes your day brighter. If you are also a good person with a generous nature and a big heart, which is called pride. When the happiness of your child goes hand in hand and heart in heart with yours, that is called love. Well, happy Dashami.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family members

    If I haven’t told you lately that you’re a good person, or that I’m very grateful to you, and that I love you more than I have ever loved you. And that I am. And I will. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    The festival of Dashain touches our hearts more than at any other time of the year with family feelings. Maybe we don’t see each other as often as we want, but you always have so much love coming your way. I hope it can be felt by you. Sister, Happy Dashain.

    Without questioning or expecting gratitude, moms do so many things. There are so many things they do that need patience and deep affection. So many things moms do just for love. A lot means your love for me. It always has, and it will always be. Happy Vijaya Dashami to you.

     It means a lot to share with both of you little joys, growing traditions, and a loving family connection. I hope it brings a lot of happiness to your vacation. Happy Dashain.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family members

    Binding the family together and maintaining peace in the family is not easy. The Dashain festival comes to our door just to remind you of how special you are and how amazing you have always been. Dad, happy Bijaya Dashami.

    Slowing down and remembering what matters is Dashain. It’s about telling you that I love you, but I think you’re funny, smart, lovely, and kind, too. And to top everything off, you’re my best sister. Sister, Happy Dashain.

    My Dashain wish is that every time I say that I love you, that I listen to you a lot more and that I know that I am a lucky and happy man because I have to love you.

     A mother is someone who loves, cares for, and lends a hand, who is all too often the last to be thankful, but who always deserves a special place in our hearts. I am missing you, mom. Happy Dashain.

    Mom, your hard work to bring peace and happiness to the family is respected and appreciated. Not only because of the ways you made the celebration of Dashain a blast, but also because of the way your care and love are touched every day. Happy Vijaya Dashami to you.

     The things I love about you are your smile and kind spirit, the way you care for the people you love, and the way you care for your family. You make me very thankful, too, that I am your son. Wishing you Happy Dashain 2078.

    Son, in life, you bring so much happiness. So much pride and happiness and enthusiasm you have always brought us. Each year, the affection we feel for you grows stronger and stronger. Happy Dashain to you.


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