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Essay on Dashain Festival of Nepal For Kids and Students Of Class Nursery to 10

    Happy Dashain 2022! Happy Vijayadashami 2079! Happy Navratri 2022! Happy Durga Puja 2079!

    Essay on Dashain [ 300 words ]

    Dashain Festival of Nepal, being home to 125 distinct ethnic groups, ethnic sub-castes, and several religions, Nepal is considering a secular state to till the date. Not just withstanding its small size but also in cultural tradition and heritage, Nepal is a bit interesting.

    To celebrate the Dashain festival, there are various aspects to note and keep in mind. The Dashain festival in Nepal is not just a festival day but also a chance for people to meet and get acquainted with each other in a festive atmosphere.

    The Dashain festival of Nepal is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. It is celebrated in the ending September or early October. it is believed that Brahma is the creators of everything in the world. People celebrate this festival on the hill stations around Nepal. The festival has its colorful fairs and dances to be remembered and observed.

    The main focus of the Dashain festival of Nepal is the offering of Jamara, meat and Red Tika to the Goddess Durga Mata. People bring their sweetmeats, Jamara, and other treats to offer it to the Goddess Durga.

    People believe that to appease the lord of the universe and Goddess, and you have to bring him delicious and tasty sweets. However, the meat are not necessarily offered on Goddess Durga’s temple. Instead, they are distributed all over the place, and everyone can eat as they please.

    Apart from offering meat, jamara and Tika, other traditional rituals go along with the Dashain festival of Nepal. There is a gathering of family, friends, and elders who gather together and celebrate the occasion with prayers and songs. Several deities are also worshipped as part of the celebrations. Some of the deities worshiped in the Dashain festival include Lord Rama and Goddess Durga Mata.

    The various festivities and rituals are a part of Nepal’s Dashain festival that is celebrated with much vigor and fervor.

    Essay on Dashain festival of Nepal [325 words]

    Dashain festival of Nepal being predominantly home to several religious castes, cultures, and other religions, Nepal was called as a Hindu country till today. Dashain is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrated with pomp and show at the early of October. It is also called “Vijaya Dashami, “Bada Dashain.” Dashain is also the most awaited festival in Nepal. This is the time of the celebration of Goddess Durga’s blessings from heaven.

    Dashain Festival in Nepal is celebrated with ping, kites, meat, Jamara, red Tika and folk dances, and grandeur. People from all the corners of the country flock towards Dashain for its magnificence. In this festival, people from different members of family gather together to celebrate Dashain festival and Goddess blessings. On this occasion, all different kinds of festivities and rituals are performed.

    Essay on Dashain Festival Tika
    Dashain Tika

    The Dashain festival is very much famous festival of Nepal and is considered a religious festival. People gather together in the open air and pray to Durga Mata, Goddess of power (Goddess of Shakti) for prosperity and success. They also offer prayers for rain and the coming of a bountiful harvest. Many prayers are recited, and lots of meats, Jamara, Pings, Kites, sweets, fruits, garlands, and offerings are made before Goddess Durga. The Goddess Durga is then granted divine protection.

    The most famous festival of the Dashain festival of Nepal is the Dussehra in India. This is the biggest festival in Nepal and is celebrated on the September or October. Every year on this day, Dashain is celebrated grandly in different places. This includes Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Janakpur, and Dharan.

    To celebrate this grand festival of Dashain festival of Nepal, lots of people from every corner of the country come out to home. As a result, Dashain is celebrated with full of of fun and joy. Vijaya Dashami is the major day of Dashain festival. Vijaya Dashami is celebrated with Green Jamara and red Tika. It is faith that these are the blessings of Goddess Durga Mata.

    Dashain Essay [400 words]

    Dashain is also known as ‘Bada Dashain or ‘Vijaya Dashamin. It is usually celebrated by Hindus in the months Ashwin or Kartik, or October according the lunar calendar in Nepali communities.

    Dashain is a symbol of virtue, truth or victory over sin or falsity. The Hindu Mythology says that Dashain is celebrated since Lord Ram and Goddess Durga won over Ravan, demons, respectively. Durga is revered as the goddess of strength.

    Dashain festival is celebrated over fifteen days. However, not all days are equally important.

    The first day is called Ghatasthapana. This is where people sow the seeds for wheat, barley, and maize. They then place them in the dark corners to turn yellow. The seedlings are known as Jamara.

    The seventh day is Phoolpati‘. This day, ‘Goddess Durga’ is worshipped. Many people bring flowers and fruits to Durga Temples.

    The “Maha Asthami” and “Maha Nawami” are the eighth and ninth days, respectively. This day is when people offer sacrifices to different animals, such as he goats, he-buffaloes and others.

    The tenth day and most important of Dashain’s calendar is ” Vijaya Dashami.” All junior members are given ‘Tika’ on the foreheads of their elders, and’Jamara’ on their ears.

    Elders bless them on that day for their long lives of good health and prosperity. Last day to say goodbye to Dashain is ” Kojagrat Poornima“.

    All offices and schools in Nepal will remain closed during this festival. People who have been away from home celebrate the festival with their families. Everyone is happy, the weather is not too cold or too hot, and everyone looks happy.

    People love to eat different foods, new clothes, swings (ping), and so on. Children are especially happy when they get Tika, which is new clothes and crisp notes.

    Everyone in the family comes together to share their experiences. This festival gives us the opportunity to strengthen brotherhood, cooperation, and good relationships.

    Dashain festival is a way to increase our joy. However, some people view it as a game of borrowing money. According to what our throats say, we must swallow the bone. It is also against the law to sacrifice innocent animals for Durga’s festival.

    It is important to understand that the goddess does not want to be satisfied by killing these creatures. She wants us to stop thinking and acting evil. Only then, Dashain will be happy for all.


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