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99 Happy Dashain Wishes and Messages For Facebook Friends in Nepali Language

    happy Dashain wishes for Facebook friends in Nepali language :- Dashain is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal, a south Asian country. Are searching happy Bada Dasain messages to share with your FB friends? If yes, then, here are 99 Happy Dashain wishes or Vijayadashami messages for Facebook friends in Nepali language.

    99 Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in Nepali Language

    Vijayadashami is also called Dussehra in India or Dashain in Nepal and is an important Hindu festival celebrated in the month of September or October in most parts of India and Nepal. In this article, we will look at how this festival came to be celebrated and what is it all about.

    The festival is named after the Goddess of power, Durga Devi, who is also the Goddess of energy and prosperity. Dashain is associated with three aspects of Hindu culture, namely family, power and blessisngs. All three aspects are extremely important to Nepalese, and the Goddess is therefore considered the goddess of power, energy and good health.

    This Vijayadashami festival is celebrated on the 10th day of Dashain which falls in September-October. It marks as the blessing time of Goddess Durga Mata bringing power and good luck and good health into the lives of all the family members. The most important aspect of the festival is that it brings togetherness and uniting all family members.

    This festival is known as Vijaya Dashami. This is the traditional way of celebrating the festival. On this auspicious occasion, all the brothers, sisters, father, mother, grandpa, grand mother, son, daughter, aunt, uncle and children of all families celebrate the festivities at home, and then they go on a long journey to their homes.

    The festival involves a lot of devotion and folk dance as well. The folk dancers perform various kinds of songs and folk dances during the Dashain festival.

    There are a lot of places in Nepal where you can enjoy Vijaya Dashami publicly. There are many temples that celebrate this festival in full pomp and glory. The celebrations are an excellent time for the family, and they spend a lot of time together. They have a lot of things making and dancing on the folk dances. They sing songs and enjoy each other’s company and pray to the Goddess of power, Durga Mata.

    The festival is very auspicious, and therefore it is considered as an important part of Nepalese celebration. The entire country celebrates this festival in such a big way. The festival has a special meaning. It is believed that the Goddess have come down to the earth to take care of the people on the planet. It is thought that the family members are also under the protection of the Goddess.

    There is a very significant link between Durga Mata and the family, and therefore all the members of the family look forward to Vijaya Dashami with much joy and happiness.

    The festival is an important part of Nepali culture. If you want to celebrate this festival with your family and friends, then the best thing to do is to celebrate it with them on this auspicious occasion.

    Dashain festival is celebrated in Nepal for several days. It is a special occasion to honor her as the Goddess of love and blessings and celebrate her divine power that she still holds over the hearts of humans today. In India, Durga is often seen in many forms, most frequently in a human form.

    Goddess Durga Is Worshipped on Dashain

    The Durga Mother Goddess is one of the most popular and widely worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. She is revered as a goddess of war and the creator of all life, and her devotees honor her as the creator of the universe and the creator of all humankind. The Durga, also known as Kali, represents a fierce and destructive force.

    Durga was once a warrior goddess. Her divine powers and strength would have made her a formidable figure in her world. In Hindu mythology, she is described as the creator of all that was and the creator of all that was evil.

    Shiva, the creator god, and Durga, the destroyer goddess, are frequently portrayed as the god and goddess of war. The main theme of Durga’s birth is her battle against Shiva, who seeks to destroy creation by burning all the world into flames.

    To be victorious against the demon Mahishasur, Durga killed him. After she defeats the demon, she controls the entire universe and becomes the ultimate goddess, known as Durga.

    To this day, Durga’s image still adorns the crowns of those who claim to be her devotees. Her appearance on earth is also commemorated with festivals such as Dashain, Navratri or Dussehra, where people exchange flower garlands or candles or Jamara or red Tika.

    Although the actual story behind the creation of Durga is murky and mysterious, one thing is sure: there is a lot of speculation regarding her origins.

    Although she was once the created as the divine warrior, is also important to many Hindus. She is portrayed as the protector of a community that is fighting a terrible battle against enemies.

    There are many Hindu traditions about how Durga got her powers.

    Since Durga is a symbol of strenth, power, fertility and prosperity, her clothes, jewelry, weapons and amulets also have fertility symbols.

    In conclusion, the Durga Mata has a very important role to play in Indian culture. Her fierce beauty, grace and divine attributes have made her a favorite icon of femininity in the Hindu society.

    Happy Dashain wishes for Facebook friends in Nepali

    मेरो प्रत्येक साथीलाई, म तपाईंहरु सबै साथीलाई दशैंको शुभकामना सन्देश पठाउँदै छु । मेरो शुभकामनाहरु प्रेम र हेरचाहको झुण्डले भरिएका छन् । यो बहादुरी, धैर्यताको प्रशंसा गर्ने दिन हो । 2078 सालको दशैंको शुभकामना ।

    Mero pratyeka sathilai, ma tapainharu sabai sathilai Dashain ko subhakamana sandesa pathaundai chhu. Mero subhakamanaharu prema ra herachahako jhundale bharieka chhan. Yo bahaduri, dhairyatako prasansa garne dina ho. 2078 Salako Dashain ko subhakamana.

    Happy Dashain wishes for Facebook friends in Nepali

    म देवी दुर्गासँग प्रार्थना गर्दछु कि हे मेरो मित्र, तपाईले यो दशैं उत्सव बढी आनन्द र खुशीका साथ मनाउन सक्नुहोस् । तपाई सबैलाई दशैंको शुभकामना ।

    Ma devi durgasanga prarthana gardachhu ki he mero mitra, tapaile yo Dashain utsava badhi ananda ra khusika satha manauna saknuhos. Tapai sabailai Dashain ko subhakamana.

    Greeting Cards for happy Dashain wishes for Facebook friends in Nepali
    Dashain Card

    Happy Dashain wishes for Facebook friends in Nepali

    यो उत्सवलाई तपाईंको जीवनको प्रत्येक क्षणको आनन्द लिने र आनन्द बाँडने अवसर बनाइदिओस्, सदाको लागि । तपाईं र तपाईंको परिवारको लागि ठूलो खुशी र समृद्ध परिस्थितिहरुको इच्छा राख्दै छु । शुभ दशैं ।।

    Yo utsavalai tapainko jivanako pratyeka ksanako ananda line ra ananda bandane avasara banaidios, sadako lagi. Tapain ra tapainko parivarako lagi thulo khusi ra samriddha paristhitiharuko ichchha rakhdai chhu. Subha Dashain..

    Happy Dashain wishes for Facebook friends in Nepali

    देवी दुर्गा तपाईप्रति दयालु बनून् र तपाईको जीवनको हरपल भलाई र सन्तुष्टले भरिदिऊन्, तपाईको प्रत्येक चाहना पुरा होस् । रमाइलोसँग उत्सव मनाउनुहोस् । शुभ दशैं ।

    Devi durga tapaiprati dayalu banun ra tapaiko jivanako harapala bhalai ra santustale bharidiun, tapaiko pratyeka chahana pura hos. Ramailosanga utsava manaunuhos. Subha Dashain.

    Happy Dashain wishes for Facebook friends in Nepali

    प्रिय साथी, म तपाई सबैको लागि शुभकामना सन्देश पठाउँदै छु । म खुशीको साथ उत्सवको आत्माको प्रशंसा गर्न सुन्दर शब्दहरुको साथ स्नेह पठाउँछु । आनन्द र खुशीले भरिएको चाड होस् । दशैंको मुरी मुरी शुभकामना ।

    Priya sathi, ma tapai sabaiko lagi subhakamana sandesa pathaundai chhu. Ma khusiko satha utsavako atmako prasansa garna sundara sabdaharuko satha sneha pathaunchhu. Ananda ra khusile bharieko chada hos. Dashain ko muri muri subhakamana.

    Happy Dashain Quotes in English language

    The house is decorated, Delicious foods are made, and guests are invited now all that left is to wish you a Happy Dashain so, Happy Dashain, my dear friend.

    Feel the vibes, know the smell and get attached with these familiar frequencies of one of the biggest festival here in our country. Happy Dashain 2078 may you get everything that you have dreamed of.

    You are far, but still, this facebook keeps us close, Wish you luck and joy in this beautiful moment. Happy Dashain has a good time and stays blessed.

    Happy Dashain 2078, my dear friend, luck is all yours and wishes are mine. I wish you find success in whatever you do. May goddess Durga blessings be your side forever?

    Finally, the day of wonders came after a long time. Happy Dashain 2078 dear

    May God bless you and keep you happy in this beautiful festive season. Enjoy freely and Eat delicious foods Happy Dashain have fun. 

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    दशैंको बहुमूल्य क्षणमा, म तपाईको लागि देवी दुर्गासँग प्रार्थना गर्दछु कि तपाईको इच्छा पूरा होस् र उनले तपाईलाई असीमित आशिर्वाद दियून् र सधै झैं तपाईले यसपालीको दशैंमा पनि आशिष र उपहार प्राप्त गर्नुसक्नुहोस्। । शुभ दशमी ।

    Dashain ko bahumulya ksanama, ma tapaiko lagi devi durgasanga prarthana gardachhu ki tapaiko ichchha pura hos ra unale tapailai asimita asirvada diyun ra sadhai jhain tapaile yasapaliko dasaimma pani asisa ra upahara prapta garnusaknuhos. . Subha dasami.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    मेरा प्यारा सहकर्मीहरुलाई म तपाई र तपाईको परिवारलाई एक खुशीयाली दशैंको कामना गर्दछु। म तपाईंहरु सबैलाई उत्सवको आत्माको प्रशंसा गर्न शानदार शब्दहरुले भरिएको मीठो अभिवादन पठाउँदैछु र आशा गर्दछु कि तपाईंले ति शुभकामना सन्देशहरुलाई प्रेम गर्नुहुनेछ। दशैं मंगलमय होस् ।

    Mera pyara sahakarmiharulai ma tapai ra tapaiko parivaralai eka khusiyali Dashain ko kamana gardachhu. Ma tapainharu sabailai utsavako atmako prasansa garna sanadara sabdaharule bharieko mitho abhivadana pathaundaichhu ra asa gardachhu ki tapainle ti subhakamana sandesaharulai prema garnuhunechha. Dashain mangalamaya hos.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    म तपाई सबैलाई शुभकामना सन्देश दिने प्रयास गर्दछु कि तपाईको जीवनमा न्यानोपन र खुशीयालीपानले पछ्याउने आशिर्वाद देवी दुर्गाले दियून । भगवान सँधै तपाईंको पक्षमा रहून्, तपाइँ सबैलाई शुभ दशैं ।

    Ma tapai sabailai subhakamana sandesa dine prayasa gardachhu ki tapaiko jivanama nyanopana ra khusiyalipanale pachhyaune asirvada devi durgale diyuna. Bhagavana sandhai tapainko paksama rahun, tapain sabailai subha Dashain.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    यस दिन, म तपाईलाई सबै संतुष्टि, ऊर्जा र रमाईलो शुभकामना सन्देश पठाउँदै छु। म आशा गर्दछु तपाईं स्वस्थ र सकुशल हुनुहुन्छ । दशैंलाई रमाईलो उत्सव बनाउनुहोस् र परिवारसँग रमाउनुहोस्।

    Yasa dina, ma tapailai sabai santusti, urja ra ramailo subhakamana sandesa pathaundai chhu. Ma asa gardachhu tapain svastha ra sakusala hunuhunchha. Dashainlai ramailo utsava banaunuhos ra parivarasanga ramaunuhos.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    दशैंले आनन्द, आशा, खुशी र हर्ष तपाईको जीवनलाई स्वागत गरोस् । तपाइँ सबैलाई शुभ दशैं र उत्सवको आनन्द लिनुहोस्।

    Dashainle ananda, asa, khusi ra harsaru tapaiko jivanalai svagata garos. Tapain sabailai subha Dashain ra utsavako ananda linuhos.

    Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in English

    The season of gladness and delight has started supported by new beginning and way to start a new life. Wishing you a Happy Dashain

    You can feel the atmosphere around yourself and all these vibes making you feel relax. Look at the clouds following each other; look at the sun smiling sun and look at the mirror, you will find an angel with a happy face. This is the time to forget every sadness and sorrow. This is the time to move on with the new beginning being cheerful and happy. Happy Dashain dear Wish you all the best for ahead have a beautiful time.

    Finally, the day which we have been waiting has come. We will be having great fun See you tonight Happy Dashain 2078

    Happy Dashain 2078 May this festival of Dashain brings you abundant peace and happiness along with the treasure.

    May this festival inspire you to get victory over everything that you have targeted? Happy Dashain 2078

    Combination of peace and prosperity will be drifting to the point which you have dreamed of during this festive season. Hope you enjoy and stay happy forever. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    आशिर्वादको यो उत्सवमा तपाई सबै मित्रलाई हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना। यो शुभसूचक र विशेष समयमा परिवार, आफन्तहरुसँग भेला भइ मनाउने पर्व हो । तपाईको अनुहारमा एक ठूलो मुस्कान र खुसीमय बनाउनको लागी, दशैंको यस विशेष अवधिमा विशेष शुभकामना प्रदान गर्दछु ।

    Asirvadako yo utsavama tapai sabai mitralai hardika mangalamaya subhakamana. Yo subhasuchaka ra visesa samayama parivara, aphantaharusanga bhela bhai manaune parva ho. Tapaiko anuharama eka thulo muskana ra khusimaya banaunako lagi, Dashain ko yasa visesa avadhima visesa subhakamana pradana gardachhu.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    म तपाई सबैलाई हार्दिक शुभकामनाहरु प्रदान गर्दैछु, देवी दुर्गामाताले तपाईको प्रतिभाको कदर गर्ने वातावरण बनाइदियून्, यसपालीको दशैंमा यही शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्दछु । शुभ दशैं ।

    Ma tapai sabailai hardika subhakamanaharu pradana gardaichhu, devi durgamatale tapaiko pratibhako kadara garne vatavarana banaidiyun, yasapaliko dasaimma yahi subhakamana vyakta gardachhu. Subha Dashain.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    यस दशैंले तपाईंको मनमा नयाँ आशा जगाओस्, मायालु सपनाहरु देखाओस् र ती सपनाहरु पूरा एक लक्ष्यमूखी बाटो पहिल्यादियून । विजयादशमीको लागि माता दुर्गासँग यही प्रार्थना गर्दछु ।

    Yasa Dashainle tapainko manama nayan asa jagaos, mayalu sapanaharu dekhaos ra ti sapanaharu pura eka laksyamukhi bato pahilyadiyuna. Vijayadasamiko lagi mata durgasanga yahi prarthana gardachhu.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    प्रत्येक व्यक्तिले खुशीको चाहना राख्छ, यो स्वभाविक पनि हो । माता दर्ुगाले यसपालीको दशैंमा तपाईलाई यही आशिर्वाद दियून कि तपाईले चाहेको खुशी भेटाउने सही मार्ग भेटोस् ।

    Pratyeka vyaktile khusiko chahana rakhchha, yo svabhavika pani ho. Mata darugale yasapaliko dasaimma tapailai yahi asirvada diyuna ki tapaile chaheko khusi bhetaune sahi marga bhetos.

    Happy Dashain Messages for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    नियमितरुपमा चम्किरहेको र्सूयजस्तै तपाईंको अनुहार सधैं आनन्दमय रहोस्, तपाईंलाई संकष्टमाथि विजय हासिल होस्, देवी दुर्गाले दशैंको शुभ अवसरमा तपाईंको सबै इच्छाहरुलाई पूरा गरिदियून । तपाइँ सबैलाई 2078 सालको दशैंको शुभकामना ।

    Niyamitarupama chamkiraheko rsuyajastai tapainko anuhara sadhain anandamaya rahos, tapainlai sankastamathi vijaya hasila hos, devi durgale Dashain ko subha avasarama tapainko sabai ichchhaharulai pura garidiyuna. Tapain sabailai 2078 salako Dashain ko subhakamana.

    Happy Vijaya Dashami SMS for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    तपाई आफ्नो अस्तित्वलाई अधिक रमाईलो र खुशीको साथ निर्खान सक्नुहोस्, दशैंमा यही शुभकामना छ ।

    Tapai aphno astitvalai adhika ramailo ra khusiko satha nirkhana saknuhos, dasaimma yahi subhakamana chha.

    Happy Vijaya Dashami SMS for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    देवी दुर्गाले खुशीको मार्गमा तपाईको कर्मको ढोका खोलिदियून् । ज्ञान बुद्धिको लागि मस्तिष्कको ढोका खोलिदियून । म जस्तो साथीको शुभकामना सन्देशहरु तपाईंको इनबक्स यथाशिघ खुलिहालोस् । तपाई सबैलाई 2078 सालको दशैंको शुभकामना ।

    Devi durgale khusiko margama tapaiko karmako dhoka kholidiyun. Jñana buddhiko lagi mastiskako dhoka kholidiyuna. Ma jasto sathiko subhakamana sandesaharu tapainko inabaksa yathasigha khulihalos. Tapai sabailai 2078 salako Dashain ko subhakamana.

    Vijaya Dashami SMS for your Facebook friends in English

    Love is life and life is beautiful always be proud of yourself, and Happy Dashain Wish you a good day and blissful journey.

    On this beautiful occasion, I wish you a lot of blessings and cheers throughout the year Happy Dashain 2078.

    Happy Dashain 2078 Let this beautiful festival opens your gate of happiness and Satisfying Surprises. This is the time to get close with the family members. Just feel the relaxing vibrations thinking of all the sadness and pain fading away. Stay safe and have fun.

    Just remember these festive activities will change your life and way of your thinking. Always be optimistic and cheerful to the things what you have got. God is with you, and a lot of blessings will get attracted to this festival for you. Happy Dashain

    Hey buddy, why won’t you delete all your bad vibes and come up to our crib to enjoy this beautiful festive season? Happy Dashain, I’m waiting for you to come fast.

    All these people are gathering and having fun. This is time to absorb positive energy with the flow of memorable moments. Let’s have fun and have a wonderful time. Happy Dashain 2078

    Positivity supported with good vibes will be surrounding your soul along with this festival. I wish you enjoy a lot and have a beautiful moment. Happy Dashain

    Happy Vijaya Dashami SMS for your Facebook friends in Nepali

    म तपाईं सबैलाई शुभकामनामय सन्देशको थुप्रो पठाउँदै छु। आनन्द चारैतिर छरियोस् । तपाईंको जीवनमा आनन्दको पुष्पवृष्टि होस् । कोरोनाको कहरको यस घडीमा स्वस्थ जीवनको मंगलमय शुभकामना ।

    Ma tapain sabailai subhakamanamaya sandesako thupro pathaundai chhu. Ananda charaitira chhariyos. Tapainko jivanama anandako puspavristi hos. Koronako kaharako yasa ghadima svastha jivanako mangalamaya subhakamana.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook friends in Nepali

    दशैंको उल्लासमय वातावरणले तपाईंको घर आनन्दले भर्दछ । यस बाहेक, यो चाडले तपाईंलाई आवश्यक सबै खुशी र उर्जा दिन सकोस, दशैंको यही मंगलमय शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्दछु ।

    Dashain ko ullasamaya vatavaranale tapainko ghara anandale bhardachha. Yasa baheka, yo chadale tapainlai avasyaka sabai khusi ra urja dina sakosasa, Dashain ko yahi mangalamaya subhakamana vyakta gardachhu.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook friends in Nepali

    मानिसको जीवनमा वास्तविक धन भनेको स्वस्थ जीवनयापन हो । यसवर्षो दशैंमा देवी दुर्गाको असिम अनुकम्पाले तपाई र तपाईको घरपरिवारमा यही आशिर्वादको पुष्पवृष्टि होस् । 2078 सालको दशैं शुभ होस् ।

    Manisako jivanama vastavika dhana bhaneko svastha jivanayapana ho. Yasavarso dasaimma devi durgako asima anukampale tapai ra tapaiko gharaparivarama yahi asirvadako puspavristi hos. 2078 Salako Dashain subha hos.

    दशैंको पावन अवसरमा यहाँहरूलाइ मंगलमय शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्दछु ।

    Dashain ko pawan awsar ma yahaharulai mangalamaya subhakamana vyakta gardachhu.

    Happy Dashain 2078. Don’t forget to wear eat what you like this is the time be free to enjoy.

    Transformation of soul and mind takes place during this powerful and spiritual related festival. Hope for good days ahead and have a great time Happy Dashain

    Forget about every bad thing happened the past year. Just chill and relax May you get peace within yourself Happy Dashain.

    May Sweet smiles, Unforgettable moments and bliss be yours all day every day? The festive season is the best time. I wish my open hearted friend like you always deserve happiness. Happy Dashain 2078

    Happy Vijaya Dashami dear, this is the perfect time to celebrate your happiness spiritually.

    Look outside the window, Birds is singing, trees are dancing, and flowers are blooming. It proves that this precious festival is related to the universe and nature too. Look at everything related to nature are showing their side of happiness.

    With the precious festival, a new way of life begins. Wish you good lives ahead and always remember that this festival not only makes you feel happy but also heals you from inside including the state of mind so always is thankful toward the god and goddess related to this festival. Dashain shows the path and cures your deep wounds with a lot of exciting surprises and peace along with uncountable joy. May you get all of these supported by unlimited magical and positive moments. Happy Vijaya Dashami buddy this is time plant the beautiful seeds inside the mind of your loved ones.

    May this festival bring unlimited success and miracles in every step of your life ahead? Wish you a happy Vijaya Dashami stay blessed.

    This festival will be teaching a real bond between your family and friends, including your loved ones. Every separation comes to an attachment. Happy Dashain 2078

    You know what, something good will be waiting for you at the edge of your belief during this festive season. So always keep in mind that you are not alone. God is with you, including your family, friends and loved ones. Happy Dashain dear wishes you a good time ahead.

    Happy Dashain to all of my friends and families. Enjoy these festive days freely with your loved ones.

    It’s so good to have the biggest festival, like Dashain. Though it comes once in a year, it always left cool and memorable moments every year. But this time let every hate and ego be dead completely, let yourself combine with peace and good lucks. Happy Dashain Everyone, Stay blessed and enjoy the moments.

    I want to wish you a happy Dashain May success, luck and prosperity keep knocking on your door ahead. This time resembles sweet moments and delightful days. Keep that smile on your face and stay blessed.

    No one can resist celebrating this awful festival. I hope all the dreams and positive energy come in your favour ahead. Keep up the good work and all the best for upcoming days. Happy Dashain

    Darks days are gone, Shiny days are back. Those pain and sadness became your memories now dig up to the day you will be getting.  Wishing you good luck and Happy Vijaya Dashami

    May this festive season bright up your day as you wish to be? May you get lots of prosperity and benefits? Happy Dashain 2078

    Light up diyo and get ready to absorb positive energy supported by great satisfaction and relaxation, which may lift you to the next dimension. Happy Vijaya Dashami

    I wish you a happy Dashain that may be precious as a gem and unbelievable as miracles. Stay safe and have fun.

    As you can feel the vibe and see the shining lights on the way. Something about to happen as you are getting a lot of blessing in this festive season always be optimistic and stay the same for life. May your smile never drift away in cases? May you find peace in everything you prefer? Remember that this life is very beautiful as well as your smile is so always keeping smiling and have good moments. Happy Dashain

    Observe the beauty of Dashain and feel the echo of powerful and relaxing chants supported by blissful vibes and energetic environment. Happy Dashain to all my friends have fun and stay safe.

    There are unseen energies which will be guarding you in every step of your life and will be supporting you in every situation. I wish this festival will bring a lot of powerful and magical energies in your life, which may guide you to the end of life. Just have fun, and Happy Dashain enjoys your precious time.

    May this festival of divine frequency keep you safe and happy throughout the year?

    Happy Dashain to all my buddies and loved ones. This is the time to enjoy with the heart attracting a lot of blessings. May your life covers with a prosperity attracting treasure and health stay blessed.

    All the health power, wealth, and luck come in your favour, stay happy. Wishing you a happy Dashain 2078

    Happy Dashain to my one of the cutest friend whom I always wanted to adore. Just remember that this is the beginning of your next life after you get all the blessing and satisfying energy.

    A lot of blessings which you get from your elders, your family and your friends not only make your dream comes true but also inspires you to achieve everything which you wanted in your life. Happy Dashain has memorable moments and never forget that these festival blessings will be your luck for upcoming days.

    Your smile with the combination of the tika that you put always lights your face with the bliss and luck, which always makes me remind of the old days. Wearing new clothes along with having delicious food with a happy face will be the best and always keep it constant with this festive season.

    Happy Dashain 2078 May Goddess Durga gives you the power to fight evil energy afterwards?

    May Goddess Durga let your frequency rest in her lap and recharge you with all new energy and vision? Happy Dashain 2078 have a peaceful time.


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