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99 Happy Dashain Wishes And Messages For Your Facebook Friends in English

    99 Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English :-

    Durga Mata, the Goddess of Strength and Power

    For centuries, Durga is known to be the most ferocious, powerful and beautiful deity of Hindu religion. She is a Hindu goddess and is a form of the Goddess Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati. Durga is associated with strength and courage. Hindus revere this Goddess in many ways, including her association with love and fertility, and her ability to protect the justice.

    Durga is one of the most powerful deities that are related to the Hindu religion. Several stories are surrounding her. The most important ones are related to the time of Kali, the Goddess of revenge, who was one of the most famous of the godess. In some of the stories, Kali even takes on an aspect of a mother and is one of the most powerful and dangerous of all of the Hindu deities.

    There are many legends about Goddess Durga that involve her ability to kill the demons. Durga was often represented as power of woman with fierce and beautiful face. She is portrayed as fierce and ferocious and is often depicted as a fierce warrior.

    Durga’s most important attributes are her ability to turn her enemies into flowers, her love for humankind, and her strength and courage. She was the most powerful of all the Hindu deities, and her many powers are what made her such a feared and respected being. Durga was the strongest and most famous of the Hindu Goddess.

    Durga was a highly respected deity and was worshipped for many centuries throughout the world among Hindu religious people. There were several myths about her, and they had various aspects to them. They were used to explain the reasons why she was so powerful and why she was able to turn herself into the flowers that she did.

    Many people believed that she is the mother Goddess. She is worshiped during Dashain festival.

    Dashain in Nepal

    The Dashain festival of Nepal is the largest festival of Nepal, and it is considered to be the biggest holiday spot in the Nepal. This festival celebrates for honoring the Goddess Durga Mata. Being the spiritual capital of festive season, Dashain festival has become a magnet for tourists.

    Nepal is home to almost 125 different ethnic groups, religions and several tribes, has always been known to be a neutral country. Dashain, which is also called Vijayadashami, is the most celebrated Hindu festival in Nepal. It is believed to be the biggest and most awaited festival of Nepal. The festivals have been celebrated with great pomp in different parts of the country, especially in the hilli areas.

    To celebrate the Dashain festival, there are several celebrations organized by different localities. The most important of these is the Durga Puja fair in the Terai Madhesh area. There are several festivals associated with this festival which are one of the many rituals which are performed at the beginning of the festival. All these festivals, when followed faithfully, bring prosperity and happiness to the people and the land.

    The main purpose of the Dashain festival is to bring God’s blessings to the family members, which is mainly achieved by the honouring of the Goddess Durga Mata. The Goddess Durga is worshiped during Dashain festival. A lot of offerings are made to the Goddess Durga, and her image is also carved on various places to welcome visitors and to encourage them to pray. If you are planning to spend your Dashain festival vacation in the Himalayas, then you will enjoy the natural beauty and the serenity of the place.

    If you are planning to enjoy your Dashain festival holiday in the central part of the country, then there are several places in which you can go to enjoy the festival. One such place is Kathmandu, the capital city of the Nepal where you can see the magnificent temple of Goddess Durga and also enjoy a feast on a grand scale. You can also enjoy folk dancing and music. You can enjoy complete harmony and serenity during your Dashain festival vacation by staying in the resorts and lodges.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    Time is passing, and we are getting older too. Let yourself sink deep in the blessings of this festival wish you a good time ahead. Happy Dashain Ahead.

    Keep on praying; Keep on believing the miracle one day you will get the fruitful result with the beginning of this important festival. Happy Vijaya Dashami my dear.

    Dashain is the biggest festival in our country Nepal which brings precious blessings as well as the beginning of new time. Hope you achieve every interesting dream which you have inside your mind. I wish you keep vibing strong with the universal energy after receiving all the blessing for ahead. You know that everything is going to change with the flow of this beautiful festival, from the prayers of elders and yours. Believe your luck respect everyone. Happy Dashain

    Vijaya Dashami Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    Warm greetings and best wishes for you on behalf of this beautiful festival. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain to all of my friends. May you enjoy and have fun with delicious foods and new vibes along with new clothes.

    Don’t you remember that the smell of tika and beautiful diyo lights always made you happy? This festival brings that vibe of old memories along with the happiness and evergreen smile. Happy Dashain

    May this festival bring you lots of happiness? I wish you have the best Dashain ever create memories and have fun Happy Dashain.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    The power of this festival is enormous. Pray and get blessings which will be inspiring you and guiding you to the bright path. Hope these blessings may destroy all your negative energy, bringing peace and harmony in your life. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English Greeting Card
    Happy Dashain Greeting Card

    Pray and pray and pray, as you know, external action follows internal action, so be happy and have fun with this beautiful festival. Happy Dashain 

    Happy Dashain SMS in English

    Happy Dashain to one of my closest friend. Best wishes may good luck be always in your favour.

    Make these days memorable and exciting, having fun with every loved one. Happy Dashain let’s celebrate

    I wish your heartbeats vibrate on the rhythm of madal building peace inside. Don’t worry about anything because this time, Goddess Durga seems to be in your side watching and guiding you in every step. So, be free and be positive always as you are. Happy Dashain Have fun.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    This is the festival of happiness, and peace so doesn’t forget to enjoy in the fullest. Happy Dashain dear

    There are certain ways to be happy, but a festival like Dashain makes you happy for no reason. I wish your every good expectation comes true, bringing you a flood of joy and bliss. Happy Dashain 2079 my warm wishes will be on your side supporting you for upcoming time. All the best for ahead and keep on conquering on every dream which you have kept in your mind or dreamed of.

    May goddess Durga keep you safe and healthy forever? May your vibes attract the best times and supporting you fulfilling your uncompleted dreams. Happy Dashain eats, pray and enjoy.

    Law of the festival is the law of belief as the miracle happens because of this old, traditional and spiritual festival. Happy Dashain and Wish you good luck for ahead

    Vijaya Dashami Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    Wishing you peace, prosperity and blessings among your family. Happy Dashain

    All of my friends living inside and outside my country. I wish you a very happy Dashain 2079. Lots of love and blessings.

    May Goddess Durga Vawani keeps everyone safe and healthy this year? May everything and wish which you have to think and dream of get fulfilled? Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain SMS in English

    Happy Vijaya Dashami, Hope you attract all the positive people and blessings this year stay safe and stay blessed.

    Can you feel this atmosphere? These vibes keep surrounding us since our childhood, as we used to celebrate every time with the smile in our faces. I wish to see you smiling like this forever. Happy Dashain

    Stars are down, and the sun is up with the new day and new beginning supported by this awesome festival. Enjoy and have a good time with your families and with your loved ones. Believe in your guts and believe the festive vibe this will take you to the long way. Happy Dashain

    May there be the rain of health and wealth along with peace in your life? Happy Dashain

    Something you should remember that there’s nothing bad to celebrate this beautiful festival with lights and happiness. So be prepared for fun and enjoyment Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain 2079 I wish you all the best for your coming days and a lot of blessings along with peace and blissful life.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    The season of happiness begins with the awesome day and with the memorable festive season. I wish you and your family a good life, along with joy and happiness. Happy Dashain have a wonderful time

    Dashain is the time for nostalgia; likewise, it is a time to make new memories which will be following to the end. Just enjoy the friendship and have fun with the relation of the family in this season. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain SMS in English

    May your life is filled with abundant love and joyous vibes throughout the year? Happy Dashain 2079

    Happy Dashain to my favourite one. Enjoy every moment with an open heart, and wish you a good time ahead.

    Happy Dashain 2079 finally the time has arrived to start with the new mindset cleaning every negative vibe from the mind, and the body making your soul fresh and spawn yourself to the new vibe.

    Express yourself to the deep world of the festive season, and you will find covering your body with the lot blessings and happiness with the time. Happy Dashain

    Vijaya Dashami Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    May your life be filled with the blessing in this festive season? May the light of love shine upon you? Happy Dashain have a great fun

    May the power of Goddess Durga gladden your heart with the joys of the season? I wish the spirit of Dashain bless you and your family with the greater strength also the promise of the Dashain bring you endless blessings supported by the positive energy.

    Happy Dashain SMS in English

    Happy Dashain 2079, May this festive season be a celebration for everyone?

    it’s a time to reach out to those which we have missed throughout the year. Happy Dashain may this festival brings good health and positive spirits

    Dashain is the time for adoring everyone, including those who bring so many blessings to your life. I hope your heart feel that love this festival and forever. Happy Dashain

    My dear friend, I wish you all the blessings of a wonderful festival Dashain. Eat, pray and have fun

    Let the blessing of the Dashain fills your heart with hope, joy and happiness supported by the peaceful chants and lovely weather. As you know, this is time to change yourself and let others change with the inspiration and motivation provided by each other while meeting after a long time. I wish every people you meet may feel your heart with happiness. Happy Dashain

    One of the greatest joys of Dashain is having your family and friends by your side to celebrate it with you. I wish you and your entire family a Happy Dashain and have a precious and good time ahead.

    Happy Dashain 2079 just be happy and smile witnessing memorable moments.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    May your home and heart be filled with all the joys and blessings? Happy Dashain and have a wonderful moment.

    91 Dashain is not the time or season; it’s one of the biggest festival and the state of mind. To cherish kindness and peace, to be plenteous in mercy is to have a real spirit of Dashain. Happy Dashain 2079 have a good time.

    Happy Dashain SMS in English

    Happy Dashain my friend stay blessed and enjoy a lot.

    Wish you a happy Vijaya Dashami, May you and your family be blessed abundantly, Have a prosperous year.

    I wish you Happy Dashain, I wish you favourable, and I wish you enjoyable moments ahead.

    Vijaya Dashami Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    Wishing you a happy Dashain filling with Special moments, fond memories spent fully in the present and hope best for the coming future. Stay safe and have fun with this beautiful festival

    May Goddess Durga keep you safe and peace with her powerful presence in Dashain?

    it’s a time to move on and have a great life sharing happiness with everyone—blessings arriving from everywhere in your house like thousands of letters inside a post box. Happy Dashain dear may your smile stay constant for life and may you achieve all the things which you wanted in your life.

    Happy Dashain to all of my friends, May the blessings of Dashain flow into your heart and fill you with peace and hope.

    I wish your humble heart deserves a fresh start with the beginning of this festive season. May your evergreen smile stay in your side forever? Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    Happy Dashain 2079 May miracles bless you at Dashain and become part of your life every day.

    I know you were flying a kite from the day this beautiful festival started. This is time to be happy and cheerful eating and wearing good as well as taking and receiving all the blessings. Let these vibes capture you and let your body observe these precious frequencies all around from your heart to the soul. Feel the vibration of Dashain feel it deeply removing all the sorrow and sadness. Happy Dashain buddy May you find peace within yourself

    Happy Dashain SMS in English

    Dashain will awaken the child in you; fill your heart with happiness and your days with peace. Happy Dashain

    May the celebration of your Dashain uplift your soul and inspire you to complete different missions in the upcoming days. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain, my friend, May joy and peace be the main ingredients with a lot of happiness and generous energy.

    May your Dashain be white and with your habit polite. Happy Dashain 2079.

    Vijaya Dashami Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    We are celebrating this festival with an open heart and an open mind. Dashain mainly combines every family; it’s not only a festival but a good lesson and a good inspiration which is surrounded by the spiritual energy all the way.

    Let’s celebrate this festival wisely and peacefully. Happy Dashain, Have fun with your kids and your family.

    On this occasion, may you rejoice in the spirit of Dashain with your family and loved ones? Happy Vijaya Dashami

    May the air of this festival lift your spirit; sun bright your destiny, Happy Dashain Lot of blessings and have fun. 

    Happy Vijaya Dashami, May you receive and give a lot of blessings, joy, peace and energy this season. Hope your coming days will be best as you wished to be.

    Can you feel the joy and the air outside? Does it seem to be familiar with you? Can you sense these vibes and atmosphere? These relaxing elements come with a fantastic festive season. Don’t waste your time in technology and such this is the time to go out and have fun with friends and families to the fullest. Let yourself lost into the happiness and bliss of this festival. Happy Dashain May your every dream come true?

    Happy Vijaya Dashami, May you get peace and a new girlfriend this year

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    Happy Dashain, my dear friend, let’s celebrate this beautiful festival with surprises, lots of fun and magic.

    From miles away, no matter we are, the blessings and vibes of Dashain will always keep us close as we wanted. Happy Dashain my friend May your house fill with wealth and your body with abundant health

    May goddess Durga covers your life with full of magical and wonderful stuff. Stay blessed and Happy Dashain

    Sun is shining, pets are happy, birds are singing, clouds are smiling with this amazing festival. Dashain always brings positive vibes and energetic frequency, along with lots of luck and blessings. Be ready to celebrate openly and have fun with your cousins, family, relatives and all the new and childhood friends. Happy Dashain

    Dashain Quotes For your Facebook friends in English

    Happy Dashain my dear friend May your year be successful, bright and joyful

    Absorb all the positive frequencies from the goddess Durga; I hope your path will be brighter and smooth in the upcoming future. So, you could walk easily and grab all the opportunity Happy Vijaya Dashami 

    May you get delicious fruits as the result of hard work and positivity? Happy Dashain Stay fresh and enjoy every moment

    be ready to ride a kite as its one of the most common and very important part of Dashain celebration. Happy Dashain stay blessed

    It’s time to swing your mood from boring to exciting, as its time to swing bamboo swing with a constant smiley face too. Happy Dashain have fun with friends, families and all of your loved ones

    Happy Dashain, my friend, express your love using special blessings

    Enjoy this festival with lots of fun and joy. Sing and dance with your hearts out, along with blessings and make countless memories. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2079

    In this festive season, I wish that this year brings you more opportunities to try out. Happy Dashain and have fun

    Prosperity, good health and success are on the way. Be ready to grab this all, open the window of your heart welcomes this festival vibes. Happy Dashain May goddess Durga bless you with all the things you wanted in your life.

    Happy Dashain my friend I wish your mind fills with positivity and brightest thoughts.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    Feel the positive vibrations with the start of this festive season. May your way be clear with lots of miracles and blessings Happy Vijaya Dashami?

    Enjoy this beautiful festival and dance to the rhythm of your heart freely. Happy Dashain, my friend, may this festive spirit make you happy than ever. Stay blessed

    On this auspicious occasion of Dashain, I hope the core of heart fills with precious blessings and joy. Happy Vijaya Dashami my friend  

    I’m so blessed to have someone like you, Always be there for me as you are the sweetest person I have ever met. Happy Dashain

    Dashain Quotes For your Facebook friends in English

    Even though we met on Facebook, I would like to wish you a happy Dashain on Facebook. Happy Dashain my dear, Have a wonderful moment and lot of blessings

    May goddess Durga Vawani bless your life with beautiful memories, joy, peace and prosperity? Happy Vijaya Dashami my friend

    Happy Dashain 2079, may this festival bring new excitement and adventures in your life. Have fun

    Diyo light is a lovely thing; it makes no noise but gives peaceful frequencies which are felt all around the body. With the positivity and good energy, I wish you a Happy Dashain from the inner core of my heart. May joy and blessings cover you and your family? 

    Dashain is all about giving sharing and worshipping. May you enjoy every element of this festival peacefully and happily, Happy Dashain stay blessed.

    This Dashain we will be creating memories wait for me. I’m coming tonight. Happy Dashain 2079

    I’m sending this message with a lot of blessings and hope you find peace and happiness with this festive season. Happy Dashain, my dear friend, may you absorb precious energy with this festival?

    I wish you beautiful life and abundant health. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    With this message I wish your Dashain be blessed with beautiful things. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain, May your life goes on whatever you have planned

    One of the interesting thing about Dashain is it’s the wonderland, and you all have to go through that making smiley face and getting a lot of happiness. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain, my friend, Celebrate the joy and wonder of this festive season.

    May this Dashain end the sorrow and sadness on the blissful note and make way for a fresh and good start? Happy Dashain

    Vijaya Dashami Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    As you know, this is time to enjoy freely with all the positive vibes created all around you with the best feelings ever. Happy Dashain, my friend, stay blessed and wish a good day for ahead

    Happy Dashain Have a wonderful and sweet moment enjoy a lot.

    May the melody and spirit of Dashain lead you the heaven state of mind?  I wish this festival to fill your home with love and peace. Wishing you all the best and happy Vijaya Dashami may find your find happiness in every small thing.

    In this happiest and loveliest season of festival, may you find many compelling reason and moments to celebrate wisely and happily? Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    Happy Dashain, my dear. May success be with you and in everything you do?

    May goddess Durga bless you with a festive, loving and peaceful celebration this Dashain and throughout the year. Happy Dashain, my friend, hope you enjoy a lot

    Dashain festival is full of magic, blessings, and celebration. Hope you get all of this stay safe and happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain 2079, Sending you a lot of love and heartfelt wishes to have a wonderful Dashain. As you know, it’s the time to change everything in yourself also inspiring others with the positive energy and thoughts which you have got inside in your soul and the state of the mind and body. As it’s also the time to be refresh recharging your soul with all the positive frequencies. Stay blessed.

    Dashain Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    Putting on tika not only makes your day better but also makes you more beautiful. Have a wonderful time at this festival. Happy Dashain

    May Jamara on your ear and blessings on your head keep you happy and safe all the time? Happy Dashain

    Not only decorate your house but also clean yourself top to bottom this festival, changing physically and mentally. I wish you good luck and treasure on upcoming days. Happy Dashain and Stay blessed

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    I count you for 100 times when I count the blessings of my life. Happy Dashain have fun

    This time Dashain will be more fun because I will be celebrating with you gladly. Happy Dashain 2079

    Happy Dashain, my dear friend, I wish you a life full of wonderful things as you have filled my life with joy and happiness since childhood. Also, I feel so lucky to have you as one of my closest friends. Happy Dashain enjoys your time to the fullest.

    Good friends are a form of god and goddess, always looking for you from time to time. Happy Dashain I wish all peace, love and blessings cover your house.

    Happy Dashain Messages For Facebook Friends in English

    On the occasion of this beautiful festival, I wish you win the lottery, have unlimited drinks and lots of real lovers flying around you. Happy Dashain

    Happy Dashain, my friend, may it bring good days and blissful moments in your life?

    Wishing you Happy Dashain through the magic of this technology. Keep reacting on posts you will get a lot of blessings for upcoming days.

    Happy Dashain, my dear friend. Wish you get victory on everything which you always wanted to conquer.

    May your Dashain be filled with laughter and joy? Happy Dashain creates awesome memories with your friends and families.

    Happy Dashain wishing you good health, happiness and abundance.

    Happy Dashain Wishes For Facebook Friends in English

    May goddess Durga provide you with enough health and wealth this Dashain. Happy Dashain, May you be with me forever? 

    As you know, peace of mind, body and soul get balanced within the start of this powerful religious and spiritual festival. Open your bottles have fun with family and friends also worship from deep inside Happy Dashain 2079.


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