What Is The Best Time For Dashain Tika On This Year 2078 BS or Vijaya Dashami 2021

    Dashain Tika time :-


    When it comes to putting Dashami Tika on the the best time on the forehead, there are many ways to approach this task. However, before you get started, you should always remember that choosing the best putting method is completely dependent upon your requirements.

    For example, if you are a beginner and are not very comfortable with the procedure, you may want to try out the first three methods of putting Dashami Tika on the forehead. You will be surprised to find that these three methods are not as challenging following, as you may think. However, you must practice getting the hang of it and get some feedback from your friends and relatives about your performance.

    If you have been practicing for some time now, but still have trouble with put Tika on the forehead, then you should consider doing some research online. Many useful websites provide information regarding the best way to put the Dashami Tika on the forehead.

    However, please note that while these websites are an excellent source of information, you should always consult your doctor if you have any doubts regarding any particular method’s effectiveness. Moreover, the use of the internet is not a substitute for consulting a doctor. Hence, you should only use this resource if you have consulted your doctor and have received his or her approval.

    Another thing that you should remember when it comes to putting put Tika on the forehead is that you do not need to worry too much about putting it on the forehead in the morning because there are already some creams that have already been developed that would make the job a lot easier for you. These creams contain certain ingredients that prevent you from wrinkling the area around your eyes or your eyebrows. Moreover, many products are specially formulated for putting Tika on the forehead.

    You must consult your physician first so that he or she can give you the all clear on how you should go about putting Tika on the forehead and the forehead of your friends and relatives. This will enable you to avoid any side effects that can make you uncomfortable and uneasy while putting the Tika on the forehead.

    putting the Tika on the forehead is not that complicated. The important thing is that you keep practicing until you get the hang of it until you have the confidence in yourself. This will also prevent you from consulting a doctor in the future and from any embarrassment if your attempt at putting Tika on forehead fails. Thus, do not hesitate to give it a try.

    How to Put Dashami Tika on Forehead

    How does the best time to put Dashami Tika on the forehead differ from other times? The best time for putting Dashami Tika on the forehead is not a fixed time that one has to adhere to but can be altered according to your preference. Here are a few factors to consider and factors that should be considered when thinking of how best to put Dashami Tika on the forehead.

    One of the things that you must consider when thinking about the best time for putting Dashami Tika on the forehead is placing the put will have on your face.

    There is no fixed time for putting Dashami Tika on the forehead as the effects will differ from person to person. You can get Dashami Tika at any auspicious time. And the best auspicious Tika time is fixed according to Nepali calendar. The best thing to do is to take your time, especially if you are new to putting. Please do not rush through things as it may cause you to lose focus or take unnecessary risks.

    Dashain Tika Time Photo Vijaya Dashami
    Dashain Tika

    If you are new to putting, you may want to practice putting for a few days on the forehead. This will help you with getting used to the idea of putting the Tika on the forehead. This is the best way for you to get a feel for how it feels and whether it is something that you feel comfortable with doing.

    When considering how best to put Dashami Tika on the forehead, remember that there is no particular time during auspicious time given by Nepali Panchang Niranayak Samitee.

    Dashain Tika time in Nepal

    Dashain Tika Sait in Different Countries

    CountryDateBest Time
    Nepal26 October 202010:19 am
    Delhi, India26 October 202010:35 am
    NYC, America25 October 202011:05 am
    California, America25 October 202011:45 am
    Kentucky, America25 October 202011:07 am
    Texas, , America25 October 202011:57 am
    England, London25 October 202011:39 am
    Japan, Tokyo26 October 202010:35 am
    Melbourne, Australia26 October 202009:13 am
    Sidney, Australia26 October 202009:43 am
    Brisbane, Austrailia26 October 202009:51 am
    Toronto, Canada25 October 202011:43 am
    France, Paris25 October 202011:41 am
    Lisbon, Portugal25 October 202011:37 am
    Kuala Lumpur, Malasiya26 October 202010:35 am
    UAE, Abhu Dhabi26 October 202010:43 am
    Doha, Qatar26 October 202010:21 am
    Seoul, South Korea26 October 202011:27 am
    Bangkok, Thailand26 October 202010:33 am
    Israil26 October 202010:37 am
    Singapore26 October 202010:41 am
    Hongkong26 October 202010:49 am
    Soudi Arabia26 October 202010:25 am
    Wellington, New Zealand26 October 202010:15 am

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