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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dashain Swings (Nepali Ping) दशैं पिङ्ग

    Dashain swings / Dashain Ping :- Dashain is often alluded to as Bijaya Dashami. It is the biggest and most favorable festival commended in Nepal. It is the longest running festival on the Nepalese calendar and the most notable festival in Nepal. The Dashain festival is praised for fifteen days during the month of Ashoj (between September and October). 

    During Dashain festival, the thing that everyone sees is the swing flying here and there. Without swings (Ping), it isn’t easy to think about Dashain. If you see individuals playing swing, at that point, you can guess that the Dashain takes over the place.

    Everything About Dashain Swings (Dashain Ping)

    Dashain festival

    Dashain is often alluded to as Bijaya Dashami. It is the biggest and most favorable festival commended in Nepal. It is the longest running festival on the Nepalese calendar and the most notable festival in Nepal. The Dashain festival is praised for fifteen days during the month of Ashoj (between September and October). 

    The celebration observed by the Hindus to commend the victory of good over bad is Dashain. Ram killed the demon Ravana (King of Lanka), the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and Goddess since Durga mercilessly wrecked the devil Mahisasur who was making devastation on the planet the Hindu mythology. During this time, the Hindu goddess of triumph, Durga, is particularly revered.

    Dashain is not separable from flying kites, swinging on ping, for instance, rote ping and linge ping, getting along with your friends and family, and holding a feast. It’s a reunion and merry-making festival. This festival means much more for kids who wait one year for new clothes and get elderly blessings (and money) from older folks. Individuals spend this festival holiday flying kites and playing on the swings.

    Dashain swing

    Popular activities linked to Dashain are traditional swings, kite flying, playing cards and animal sacrifices. During Dashain, the thing that everyone sees is the swing flying here and there. Without swings, it isn’t easy to think about Dashain. If you see individuals playing swing, at that point, you can guess that the Dashain takes over the place.

    However, people living in towns and cities have changed their way of living in this current time. This is because people living in the city areas cannot enjoy the scene of swinging at Dashain festival, and they cannot enjoy the swing since they need to go to village areas for its view enjoyment. This is the absence of open fields. They can’t discover pings close by them.

    As we all know, a piece of land required to make a swing can generally be found in the village areas, around like a small field. But in cities, as we all can notice, there is no open land due to the rapid increase in modernization and mainly due to the construction of new buildings.

    Dashain Swings Dashain Ping boy

    As a method of celebration, bamboo swings are built in many places in Nepal. In Nepali, Dashain swings are mainly said ‘ping.’ The best local custom, tradition, group spirit, and fun is presented. These swings are built by group members using traditional techniques that use ropes produced using bamboo sticks, tough grass, wood, and so forth. Normally, the swings are constructed before one week of Ghatasthapana and only disassemble after the Tihar festival that comes after Dashain. Some swings have a height exceeding twenty feet. Different age groups of people appreciate the swings. However, the kids love them. 

    There is a famous saying that during Dashain, the individual has to jump on a swing and detach themselves from the ground once a year. All over the world, kids and youngsters are seen swarming the swings.

    During this festival, it isn’t easy to supplant anything else with the importance of swing, at least for this generation. The activity is, nonetheless, slowly disappearing. 

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    Types of Dashain swings:

    1) Rote ping:  Rote ping is a ping usually rotated up and down, making a full circle and having four sitting positions. Even though this also is a traditional ping, it has already gained popularity in the Valley at various fairs, and even the present-day individuals are seen enjoying this ping. They are less visible in the Dashain festival. It is replaced by Linge ping in the present context.

    2) Jaate ping: There are two jaate pings, and others have four seating positions, which move in a circle all around. It is replaced by Linge ping in the present context.

    3) Lathare ping: The Lathare ping is the ping that is similar to the linge ping. Like Linge ping, the lathare ping is hung on the tall trees. Like Rote ping and Lathare ping, it is replaced by Linge ping at present context.

    2) Linge ping (Bamboo swing): Linge Ping is a traditional swing built with bamboos. It is one of the great sources of fun during the Dashain festival.

    How is Linge ping normally made up of?

    Ping is typically entirely made up of materials found locally and is a joint venture for the whole community’s enjoyment. This is true from the plains of the Terai to the mountains and the capital city from remote villages. It is only one example of this festival’s intensity as a unifying feature of the national culture of Nepal. Dashain swings are very much different from the swings found around the globe in playgrounds. They are mega swings, where the arc is not too short because of which you can easily believe you’re flying, with heights exceeding 20 feet. It could be more similar to a circus trapeze.

    For the frame, four shafts of bamboo and robust lengths of natural rope produced using bangers (jute) are the main components. Generally, the bamboo is placed in holes in the ground and twist inward and tightly bound with rope at the apex, a conventional technology that for centuries has remained unchanged. Most frequently, the seat is just a rope loop or a plain wooden board. However, standing while swinging is more prevalent than sitting. To go ahead, you should have a big push from your friends or relatives.

     An individual with effective practice and experience will swing to the apex log at 30 degrees angle. An exceptional swinger can also go higher than that. It is intimidating to look at the sight of this swing. Kids and older people admire the swing’s limited degree of gap rhythm to and fro. The interaction of people at Dashain’s in the swing time is very intriguing to see.

    What is the ideal time for the erection of the swing?

    In the prior week before Gatasthapana, the September day when the sowing of jamara grass denotes the starting of the 15-day Dashain period, pings are usually erected. Normally, they are dismantled only after the Tihar holiday, a significant five-day festival that begins roughly fourteen days after Dashain. Older folks feel that it would divert kids from their examinations to keep the ping up excessively long. 

     They are common in rural and city areas, yet finding sufficient open space in Kathmandu and other towns is increasingly hard. The best of local culture, heritage, group spirit and fun are mixed with Pings. What could be more beautiful than flying in your new Dashain clothes through the fresh mountain air and the majestic Himalayan snow peaks before you?

    Who is Ping for?

    They are especially popular among children. However, teenagers and young people are likewise observed playing on the swings nowadays. Individuals of any age enjoy the swings. Ping is played by almost all Nepali inhabitants in Dashain, regardless of age, sex, caste, etc. Not only Nepali inhabitants but even foreigners are also attracted towards playing swing.

    The myth behind playing swing in Dashain

    The legend behind the swing is that one should leave the ground in Dashain at any rate once so you can advance toward heaven in the afterlife. The swing would eliminate ill emotions, sick sentiments and supplant them with rejuvenation.

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    Reasons behind playing swing in Dashain?

    1) Continuing of the Tradition

    Playing swing is one of the traditions of the Dashain. We have seen playing swings by our siblings and neighbors during Dashain.

    Playing such a traditional continuing game is the liability of every one of us. Besides, it is refreshing and fun. It’s necessary, therefore, to keep playing it.

    2) Socializing with People

    This game is a method of discovering the opportunity to go through it with your friends, siblings and family. It can also take time away from the monotonous life of work and deadlines to meet with your loved ones.

    Typically, playing swing can be considered a group activity that is fun for any individual of every age. It is an outdoor activity that can create competition and have fun and a great time. With the help of such a festive event, people can easily connect. So we can likewise say that “ping” in Dashain isn’t just about a game, yet additionally, as a medium to bring towns individuals and companions of over a wide period together and appreciate the second with one another.

    3) Connecting with Nature

    In contrast to working within 4 dividers in an office, playing swing helps you explore and spend some time out in the open. It helps to release the frustrations of working inside the office. Playing swing frees our minds from any stress, causing us to appreciate the excellence of nature. The individuals would certainly be drawn to the wonder of nature and its spaciousness. Individual’s minds and body are profoundly benefitted from spending time with nature.

    4. Generate various Abilities:

    Anxiety, tension and depression are found to be minimized by playing swing. In any event, watching playing swing through will help us forget the pain by reducing our stress.

    5) Recreating the memory of childhood

    When we hear the word ping, we often go back to the memories of childhood. Childhood is synonymous with playing swing. Playing swing in Dashain during childhood is the best part of the Dashain. It helps to connect and communicate with childhood.

    Safety issues while playing swings/ Tips on playing swings?

    1) There can be only one child who ought to be on a ping once at a time. Two can swing only if it is intended or designed to hold two individuals. If you swing two toddlers in one swing, one of them can fall out and get injured.

    2) The one who is not swinging should stand several meters far and out of the way of the direction of the swing to dodge the possibility of injuries and falls as a moving swing may strike them.

    3) You should not hang on the bamboo posts, which keep the swing set secure.

    4) Make sure that your child is still sitting on the swing, never kneeling or standing. For adolescents, while playing swing, standing and kneeling are extremely dangerous. Instruct your child when swinging to properly sit by holding the swing side ropes with both hands.

    5) Wood chips or other material intended to modify landings should be present in the soil around a swing set. Try not to swing in an environment that has blacktop or asphalt.

    6) Do not push or pull a child on a swing, and swing back and forth the only-the way in which a swing is intended to move. On the off chance that you attempt to twist, or you might collide with another person or metal pole, your clothes, fingers, or hands could get stuck while swinging.

    7) When you are still moving, don’t hop off a swing. 

    8) Do not swing on your stomach or leaning back. Always swing while sitting upright. 

    9) while swinging, small children should be thoroughly supervised. Very small kids can use swings with more protection and keep them in place, built for them. 

    10) Restrict from playing pings made in the middle of roads and highways because the mishap may happen occasionally. It is likewise possible to have a collision between the vehicles and swingers. 

    11) Ensure you are using open fields and field areas where vehicle traffic is poor when playing ping.

    12) In the swing area, make sure no pointing objects, loose things, or toys are available.

    Put these things far from the place where your children are swinging, for example, jump ropes, strings, screws, and toys that could roll under your kid’s foot. Clearing off the swing set forestalls the danger of accidents and falls and guarantees safe swinging.


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