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89 Happy Dashain Quotes For Family in English

    Happy Dashain quotes for family in English : Dashain festival is the longest festival celebrated in Nepal. It celebrates for 15 days. But the major days are 6. The first day, seventh day, eight day, ninth day, tenth day and last day are important days in Dashain festival.

    Dashain is also called Vijayadashami or Navratri or Durga Puja, is a traditional hindu festival that celebrates and pays homage to the goddess Durga.

    It is believed that Dashain festival is connected with the use of Hindu astrology and mythology. The deity that is honored and worshiped during this festival is known as the Goddess of power. In this festival, family members from various parts of the country and even other parts of the world, gather to get ready to celebrate the Dashain Festival.

    89 Happy Dashain Quotes For Family in English

    I am fortunate to get you as my wife who gives me courage and motivation. You’re the friend who laughs and dreams with me, the companion who stays at my side, even if it’s not easy on the road. You are the one who, just by holding my hand, can still thrill me. Happy Dashain to the magnificent woman I love.

    At Dashain, I love to remember all we shared. We laughed and celebrated more than we worried or lamented, and along the way, we loved each other even more. Wishing you Happy Dashain.

    We have many things to be proud of and be happy. It’s such a happy time for Dashain to remind you how much love and life mean to me. Happy Dashain.

    Wife, you are the one of the greatest gift from god who make the world seem brighter. You filled my life with joy and remind me that how beautiful the world is. So grateful in so many beautiful ways for the way you shine. Happy Dashain.

    Daughter, You become more unique with each year. I love watching you grow and learn and try new things with curiosity. I love you now and forever, daughter, and I am very proud of the woman that you are. Happy Dashain.

    Sometimes, I know I don’t seem to realize how good it is for me. Wishing you Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    In this Dashain festival, I want you to know that how much important you are for me and for the loved ones.The feelings are always there, no matter what I forget to notice, do, or say. With all my love Happy Dashain

    There are no other holidays like this, no other family like ours, and no other memories like the ones we have together. So grateful to “us” the unique and beautiful family, that we are so grateful to a girl like you who brings so much love and laughter to our lives.

    Happy Dashain quotes for family

    You are a big part of what makes each festival of the year warm and wonderful, and the opportunity it gives you to tell yourself how much you are loved is part of what makes Dashain so special. Happy Dashain.

    Daughter, to every station, you bring the magic. It is real and authentic, and in rich and meaningful ways, it blesses all who know you. You are a wonderful God-given and self-made mixture. Wishing Dashain’s exceptional joy and love to you.

    Third Day of Dashain Cards
    Happy Dashain Cards

    When you are with me then, the future looks more brighter. You mean a lot to me and everything I do is for us. And knowing that throughout all our mornings, we will be there to listen, support, encourage, celebrate, and appreciate each other. Wishing you have a blessed Dashain.

    You have shown that in small moments there is joy, gifts of simple pleasures. With your warm and endless love, you’re living the Dashain spirit. Wishing you Happy Bada Dashain.

    Sister, you gave me guidance and encouragement that kept me going, and when I needed it the most, you gave me a shoulder to lean on. I wish you a blessed Dashain celebration.

    I am very grateful for the relationship we have with each other, and I am very pleased that you are part of my life. Wishing you Happy Dashain.

    Daughter, in the light that you shine, there is nothing small. You are a wonderful person who lights up the steps in my life. I wish you the best Dashain celebration ever.

    You’re making life warmer and brighter for everybody, Mom. You have this way of listening and understanding that makes someone feel “at home.” Heartily wishing you, happy Dashain.

    Happy Dashain quotes for family

    Mom, all year round, you give, care, and open your heart to others with a type of Dashain spirit. And in my life, I couldn’t be any more proud or fortunate to have your example. Wishing you Happy Dashain.

    At Dashain, there are many moments to share that make my heart feel at home. Make plans, put tika and jamara together, or eat delicious foods with the family together. And at the end of the day, when we fall asleep together, knowing that everything feels right in our world at that perfect moment. Wishing you Happy Dashain.

    I just laugh when I think of some of the crazy things we did together. Those moments wouldn’t have been half that fun with anyone but you. Our smiles and all the moments we shared together are worth remembering. We are always there for each other in hard and easy times. Happy Dashain.

    When there are individuals like you in the world, it’s easy to believe in goodness and kindness. I hope you get it what I want to say to you and how much you’re making a difference. Happy Dashain.

    The love of a mother is the precious gift for any child. I celebrate the miracles made possible by your love as we celebrate Dashain this year. And I want you to know that I think that I’m very fortunate that you are my mom. Wishing you, Happy Dashain.

    The festival of Dashain is about playing tika and Jamara, playing swing and kites. It’s also a matter of taking the time to appreciate the people who are always for me and make our life happier and easier. You are one of them, Brother. Happy Dashain to you.

    To you, happy Dashain. The significant, unforgettable, cheerful, and delightful festival is here to celebrate and bring joy. Wishing you a holy festival, which is all you could wish for and more.

    Happy Dashain quotes for family

    You have guided me all my life by the examples you have set. You taught me valuable lessons that only you can teach, that you can believe in yourself, that you can do the right thing, and that family is all. You have influenced my life in many ways and made me a better person. I will always be grateful to parents like you for their gift. Happy Dashain.

    You do a lot to make everyone feel good: you listen, your comfort, you encourage, you give. A mother’s love adds even more joy to Dashain. Somehow, with your loving touch, you manage to make Dashain even more wonderful. You’re a real gift to our family, someone who just couldn’t be more loved. Wishing you Dashain full of happiness and fun.

    Mom, it might not sound special enough when a daughter says, “thank you,” But listen to how in my heart it sounds. Happy Dashain.

    I love you and I truly thank you for all you have done for me. I’m very proud and fortunate to have you as a mother. That is what I want you to hear all the time. Happy Bada Dashain to you.

    I am happy to be with all my family members on this bright day with a clear sky. With family members and all the moments that tie us together to this sweet, happy place, life is full of joy, fun, and enthusiasm. I can’t imagine a better way for Dashain to celebrate. Happy Dashain.

    Know that there are elders around you when you count your blessings, to be with you in the steps of your life. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and all you’re doing. Son, Happy Dashain.

    May Goddess Durga bless this Dashain festival with hearts and homes that reflect Dashain’s true spirit: the wonder of faith, the joy of blessing, and the delight of sharing tika and Jamara with those we love. Happy Dashain.

    For every stage of life, with warm and loving wishes for a marvelous Dashain and your blessing. We love you very much, and we wish you two Happy Dashan.

    Happy Dashain quotes for family

    The future looks brighter with you by my side. Everything I do, because I do it for us, means more. And knowing that throughout all our mornings, we will be there for each other to listen, support, encourage, celebrate and appreciate, that’s the gift of a lifetime. Happy Dashain.

    We wish you a star-lit Dashain, warm as the glow of a diya, filled with the love of friends and family. Have a blessed celebration.

    With that smile of yours, you walk in and hug your loved ones, laugh, stay up late. Nothing is better there. Anything that makes Dashain happy walks with you through the door.

     My mom is the woman who knows my heart, who cares and understands, the woman who holds my deepest dreams in her hands with so much sweetness. I love you pretty much. Happy Dashain, my mother.

    You are the woman who makes me smile, a friend who is so close and true. But more than that, that woman whom I love. You’re my heart, my partner, my wife. Wishing you the finest Dashain celebration you deserve.

    Nothing like Dashain is there to remind us of how beautiful a family can be. I hope you know how special you are, and the happy moments which we have always shared.

    You’re at the heart of it all, Mom. This time of year, there’s a lot to love, but what I love most is being with you at home: talking, laughing, remembering. I’m glad we’re together for this time, Mom. I love you a lot. Have a blessed Dashain.

    Mom and Dad, may your favorite dream come true with this Dashain. May the love you inspire in me turn me into a person whose achievements bring a great deal of joy to your lives.

    The same joy I feel, knowing that in their hearts there is always a special place for me. That’s why, in this special season, and always, I wish you all the happiness you deserve. Happy Bada Dashain.

    Happy Dashain quotes for family

    Dashain’s true joy is being part of a family like ours. You have given me so much and surrounded me all my life with love. Happy Dashain to you.

    Thank you, Mom and Dad, it’s the best gift I could ever get to have you both as parents, and I’ll always be grateful. Happy Dashain to you.

    The love of a mother adds even more happiness to Dashain. To make everybody feel good, you do a lot: you listen, your ease our dilemma, you encourage us to try something new. Somehow, with your loving touch, you manage to make Dashain even more wonderful. You’re the blessing of god for us, someone who just couldn’t be more loved.

    We may not have this Dashain together, but we hope you know you’re very close at every festival and occasion. Happy Dashain, with lots of love for mom and dad.

    You have this very special way of doing it. This way of taking the ordinary into something more beautiful and blessed and transforming it. As you’ve done with my life. And Dashain isn’t any different.

    Everything you do makes me happier, and even more magical is this festival. Happy Dashain, with all my heart and all of my love.

    Thank you for being my life partner, for sharing the good and the bad days, for sharing the memories that I will always treasure of the wonderful times that we’ve had.

    Forgive me for not often telling me how happy I am that you are my wife and I love you a lot and I want to share the best memories together with you. With all my love, Happy Dashain.

     The more I see life, the more I know the importance of spending it doing what you love and love with whom you are. Have a blessed Dashain.

    The see life with the blessing and happiness to be with you. Wife, happy Dashain.

    Happy Dashain. As we know Dashain is full of blessings, fun, tasty food, tika, and jamara. Wishing you a festive season, which is all you could wish for and more.

    Happy Dashain quotes for family

    Happy Dashain, to a great girl and to the one you love. I pray to god that may you enjoy the festival to its fullest and may all your problems get vanished.

    We are all beautifully linked in Dashain by victory over evil. Ravana was killed by Lord Ram, and the goddess Durga killed the demon, and this is a great occasion to celebrate the victory of truth over evil. Joy to you as we celebrate all that is meant by Dashain.

    Sometimes, I know I don’t seem to realize how good we feel being with family and celebrate the festival. This Dashain festival I will be with family and I know we will have blastic celebration. Love you a lot. Have a blessed Dashain.

    I hope you know how vital you are to me, and that I appreciate you so much. The feelings are always there for you with my heartiest pray. With all my love, Happy Dashain.

    It is with love that everything you do for me, for us, and our family is done. Your warm and loving presence, like nothing else, touches my heart. I’m so lucky to be able to spend my whole life with you.

    Hoping that Dashain’s warmth of joy and fun family moments will surround you with lots of love and happiness this festival season!

    For a sister in Dashain who deserves great blessings. May health and happiness always exist in your life, and may each year bring to our family a renewed spirit of unity and brotherly love.

    May smiles and hugs always exist, and may each festive season be filled with joy. Happy Dashain to you.

    Love and kindness are such a is such a big things and the way to live our life. You are always there for us through small gestures and big favors, kind words, and quiet strength. You mean a lot to this family, and in Dashain, wishing you have a blessed Dashain.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    For you, I am wishing you with compassion that consoles, respect that honors, hope that shines, happiness that celebrates, grace that forgives, love that shares, the peace that endures, calm that renews. Have a blessed sister, Dashain.

    Dashain arrives only once a year, and when it’s here, I’m grateful because I can share it all with you. Fun playing the swing, Tika time, good weather, fun with the family, moments for two. I know that I am going to remember the joy that only you can bring and the blessings that come from loving you.

    Dashain reminds me of how thankful I have been for our love. We share the belief that two individuals can do a lot through prayer, confidence, and hard work. Together with a faith that unites us, we have made a good life. I am very grateful to Dashain for your blessing.

    A son grows up to be a man, but you want only things from him to be humble, kind and be matured. He still wishes you all the wonder and significance of celebrating the festival. Have a great celebration, father.

    Son, I wish you a faith that is as strong and as clear as a star to guide you through the truth. And wherever you go, no matter how far, with all your heart, you always want to know how much I love you. And you, son, are. You truly are. Wishing you Happy Dashain.

    May this Dashain festival be one of harmony, beauty, and joy, and may the festive season bring nothing but promise and opportunity in its way.

    A smile is the best decoration of all for Dashain. I hope that the celebration will bring back memories and make you smile for the whole year. Have a blessed Dashain.

    Just as the placing of tika and jamara brings our Dashain with joy, the blessings of goddess Durga and from elders are filled with love and warmth for us. May the essence of this Dashain fill every house in this festival of peace and joy. Happy Bada Dashain.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    You make a life for everyone warmer and brighter. I am happy for you. You have this way of listening and understanding that makes anyone feel “at home.” Have a blessed Dashain.

    All year round, you give, take care, and open your heart to others with a type of Dashain spirit. It’s what you’re doing, it’s just what you are. Happy Vijaya Dashami

    Our friendship’s warm glow, like the warm glow of Dashain, touches my heart. Hope this beautiful festival, today and all year long, will make your spirit bright and happy. Happy Bada Dashain. Enjoy, enjoy.

    With Dashain’s warm thoughts. I bring you the good news of the great joy which will bring happiness in you and people around you. May your joys be simple and abundant this Dashain, and wrapped in the warmth of the wonderful love of Goddess Durga.

    Happy Dashain messages for family

    For both of us, our bond is a blessing. Siblingship, after all, involves sharing laughter and tears, good times, and support. We have taken each other to our hearts and homes, and not many siblings are so close to each other. May our bond of care and love remain strong. Happy Dashain, my sister.

    Every time we hear an enchanting prayer at this festival, let’s remember that I pray for your well-being and happiness. Whenever we see a diyo glowing softly with hope, let us remember all the times we have encouraged each other. The best is you. Have a blessed Dashain.

    Sister, when we enjoy the festival’s warmth and happiness, let’s remember how great is it to share the moments together. Our bond is a blessing to us both, and I am always grateful for understanding me and being with me. Happy Dashain.

    You bring magic which is real and authentic, and in rich and meaningful ways, it blesses all who know you. You are a wonderful blend of God, given and created by yourselves.

    Happy Dashain wishes for family

    It’s so easy for a father like you to be grateful. You are a good man with sweet and fun loving heart and when you share them with you, festivals are much happier. No wonder that you mean so much to the people who love and know you. Happy Dashain.

    With colorful kites in the sky and the scent of delicious foods, good weather can make everyone feel more festive and friendly. I hope that Dashain will always make you feel at peace, always at ease.

    All happiness, all kinds of food, a very festive attitude, and a house with a lot of people in it. This is what the festival of Dashain can bring. Happy Dashain.

    Tons of hugs. A minute’s smile, the elders’ immense blessings, and the smell of laughter and meat products. A Dashain, full of sights and sounds, with year-round love. Have a blissed Dashain.

    Faith is the key to success and dream and have faith in yourself. The future belongs to those who dare to dream and work hard o recite it. I am sure your passion will keep you going and success will never to out of sight. Happy Dashain.

    You have made all of us happy, no matter how many times you have been with us. I grew up knowing, thanks to you, that the love and care of the family are most important in life. Happy Dashain, Dad.

    Over the years, the way we celebrate Dashain may have changed, but there is one thing that it doesn’t change is that, the vibes of festival never change. Happy Bijaya Dashami.

    The warmth, light, and happiness that it brings to our whole family help make Dashain feel like the greatest festival. Have a blissed Dashain.

    Happy Dashain messages for family

    Daughter, in the light that you shine, there is nothing small. You are an amazing person and someone who in so many ways lights up life. Happy Dashain to you.

    The wishes of True Dashain are for the heart to enjoy. For your immense blessing, thank God! Happy Dashain.

    May love from God always blesses you. May joy always fill you and may Goddess Durga’s presence always protect from evil and give to courage to fight against wrong! Wishing you the blessing of the goddess Durga in Dashain.

    The most wonderful thing to do is give tons of love and blessings during Dashain. I am sending lots of love and Dashain gifts. Hoping you will like it. May this festival of Dashain be the happiest of all.

    Ram killed Ravan and came back to people. Durga killed Mahisasur and came to earth to bless us. May this Dashain festival bring happiness, immense blessings and courage to fight against evil.

    On Dashain, here’s a wish for the spirit of this Dashain festival to bring you a world of happiness and beautiful memories to love your life. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

    Happy Dashain messages for family

    Here is wishes for you with lots of love. You are the best person who have a special way of spreading joys all around. May your life be the  path full of joy and success and the festive occasion fulfill all your dreams. Happy Dashain.


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