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Everything You Want To Know More About 6th Day of Dashain Festival of Nepal

    6th Day of Dashain Festival :- Dushessra, a famous festival known as Dashain in Nepal and different parts of India, is one of the most important festivals. Celebrated by all the Hindus all around the world, the Dashain festival is a 15-day long festival. Each day of Dashain is celebrated in honor of goddess Durga and her 9 different avatars.

    Starting from the 1st day, nine different avatars or manifestations of Durga Bhawani are worshipped primarily— Goddess Shailaputri, Goddess Brahmacharini, Goddess s Chandraghanta, Goddess Kushmanda, Goddess Skandamata, Goddess Katyayini, Goddess Kaalratri, Goddess Mahagauri, and Goddess Siddhidaatri are worshipped each day for the first 9 days. These 9 days for Durga and her avatar’s Pooja is also called Navaratri.

    What to See and Do While in Nepal

    Nepal is truly a beautiful country with a great history. The government is extremely diverse and has so much to offer, and it’s quite hard to imagine that you won’t find something in the area you’re interested in. Here are a few things you should see while you’re in Nepal.

    Nepal is a beautiful country that is just so wonderful. I’m probably trying not to sound like too cheesy or to be a little bit too wordy, but Nepal is one of the unique places on earth. I will say about this country that it is not a country where you will be bored.

    Pokhara is also referred to as Paradise City and is the best place to visit when you’re visiting Nepal. You’ll find something for everyone here and a lot of other great things.

    If you’re looking for a completely different type of experience, then trekking in the Himalayas might be right for you. There are several trails to choose from that you can take, and they range in difficulty and your comfort level. You might even be able to go on one of these trekking trips by yourself, which would make it more of an adventure for you than it would for your whole family.

    Kathmandu is also known as the capital city of Nepal.

    You’ll also find that the Lumbini is a unique part of Nepal, and they are just religious. If you love Buddhism, then this is a place that you should visit. There is no doubt that the Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and if you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet spot to relax, then this is the place for you.

    When you read the Nepal travel guide, you will find that there are tons of great things that you can do and see if you travel to this country. If you plan a trip to this part of the world, you will love it. And it will be one of the most exciting times that you have ever experienced.

    Nepal and Its Culture

    To fully understand the Nepali culture, one must have a deep understanding of the country. The Himalayan peaks that line the border of Nepal and India have played an integral part in the evolution of culture over the centuries. The mountains have long been a breeding ground for the many religions that exist in Nepal. Hinduism is the most popular, but there are also other practices and beliefs.

    Many people in Nepal are Hindu, while others are Buddhism or even followers of the native religions. It all depends on what you wish to call it, as each person in Nepal has its religion that defines their culture. For example, in some areas, people practice Buddhism and practice Hinduism simultaneously.

    These people live in villages, towns, cities, and sometimes even in large cities. They are very independent, and they often travel for short periods to visit their families, friends, and workmates. Many of these people travel abroad, and they live with them and spend a lot of time away from their home countries. They often come back and visit their homes, and then go on a trip. Again, this is a widespread tradition. Most of them are aware of the importance of returning to their home countries and spending time with family and friends.

    For many years the religion of Hinduism was the only religion in Nepal. Still, now several other religions also play a major role in the Nepali culture. Some people practice traditional music and dance, and dancing is an important part of the Nepali culture and religion. They make pilgrimages to the many sacred places around the world that have been worshiped for centuries by the region’s people.

    History of Dashain 

    Nepal is one of the most popular tourist places in the world. Tourists visit this place for various reasons. If you are planning to tour in Nepal for any special occasion then these are some of the top festivals of Nepal, which are considered to be important during your stay in this place. These festivals are also considered to be very important in the lives of the people living in this country.

    First is the Dashain festival of Nepal, which is considered to be one of the most significant festivals in Nepal. This festival is dedicated to the goddess Durga, celebrated during 15 days every year on the month September of October. The people of Nepal to hold their traditional beliefs and customs close to their hearts. The old age-old beliefs are followed along and the contemporary modern trends are also being observed here.

    Dashain is celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga. There is no exact evidence as to when this festival started. However, it is celebrated to remember and honor Goddess Durga on her victory against the devil Mahisasura. According to Hindu mythology, there was an epic battle between Gods and the demon Mahisasura where Gods got defeated several times.

    Hence, Goddess Durga was created from the combined light of all gods to slay the demon. The battle between the demon and the Goddess Durga took place for 9 consecutive days, and on the 10th day, she claimed victory over the demon. Every year during Dashain, Goddess Durga and her 9 different forms are worshipped and honored for her bravery. Along with that, this is also one of the festivals that celebrates the power of women. 

    6th Day of Dashain Festival

    • Katyayani Pooja 

    The 6th day of the Dashain festival of Navratri is the day Maa Katyayani is worshipped. This day falls on the Shasthi Tithi, and the day is dedicated just for Kaktatani, the sixth of Navdurga. Goddess Katyayani is also the goddess of war or is referred to as the Warrior Goddess. 

    • Day 6 Dashain festival Details

    Favorite Flower of Goddess: Marigold
    Color of the day: Color green
    Deity Worshipped: Goddess Katyayani
    Mantra recited: Om Devi Katyayayai Namah
    Date: Thursday, 22nd October 2020.

    History of Goddess Katyayani 

    Goddess Katyayani is one of the 9 different forms of Goddess Durga. She was named Katyayani as she was born to the Rishi’s house named Katyayani. She is portrayed as having 4 arms and sit on a lion. Goddess Katyayani is worshipped to resolve any issues regarding marriage. It is believed that she fixes any marriage problems and ensures peace and harmony in anyone’s married life. 

    Goddess Katyayani’s appearance is as bright as the gold. She has four arms and is rested on a lion holding a sword in one hand and flowers in the other. Similarly, on the other two hands, she holds Varmunda and Abhyamudra. 

    Katyayani is often considered as the slayer or the demon Mahisashura. Her exploits are well described in Bhagavata Purana. According to Hindu Mythology, Goddess Katyayani was created from the gods’ energies or lights when the anger in them at the evil Mahishasura established itself in the form of rays of energy.

    6th day of dashain festival goddess Katyayani Navratri
    Goddess Katyayani

    These rays formed in the home of Kātyāyana Rishi, who gave proper way to it, and therefore she is also called Katyayani or “a daughter of Katyayana.” Also, in manuscripts like Kalika Purana, it is stated that it was Kaytyayana Rishi who worshipped her. Hence she came to be known as Katyayani. In either way, she is a form of the goddess Durga and is adored on Navratri’s sixth day.

    In Nepal, India, and other south Asian countries, Goddess Katyayani is worshipped on the 6th day of the Dashain Festival. She is honored auspiciously for a prosperous and happy life for everyone. 

    In Nepal, day 6 of Dashain is not only limited to the worshipping of Goddess Katyayani. Nepalese celebrates this festival for 15 days and starts officially from the Ashwin Shukla Pratipada and ends on the full moon day 15 days later. The first day is the Ghatasthapana day and also the most important days of all festivals.

    On this day, the Ghata / Kalash is established for worshipping Goddess Durga. This Kalash is accompanied by the light that is kept lit for 10 days, and every day from the first day, the Kalash is worshipped to admire goddess Durga.

    Along with that, Ghatasthapana is also the day where Jamara (Grass of sprouted barley) is planted. On the first day, barley and corn seeds are sewed to get the Jamara (grown grass of barley or corn) on the 10th day. On the tenth day of the festival, this grass is given to devotees as Prasad along with the tika. From this very first day, various activities are performed to worship Goddess Durga. 

    Reciting Chandi Mantra is also one of the most important aspects of Dashain festival. Each day, Chandi Mantra is recited to worship for saluting the power of Goddess Durga. As per the rituals, the Chandi mantra is recited on each day of Navratri twice; in the morning and the evening, and as per rituals, the only male member of the family is allowed to recite this mantra. Small kids and women are not allowed to recite this mantra. 

    Apart from ritual procedures, Dashain is also the festival of fun and adventure. Various activities performed during this festival like playing cards, playing on the swings, and going for a vacation make this festival even exciting for many Nepalese. Dashain 2077 is around the corner, and the people in Nepal already have Dashain Festival.

    Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic that has currently taken over the world, Nepalese are all prepared to celebrate this festival with lots of love and fun and considering the pandemic situation. Hopefully, all Nepalese will celebrate this festival cautiously too. 

    In conclusion, Dashain is the festival of love, fun, celebrations, colors, adventure, and religious importance. This is the perfect time to get out of the normal routine and get refreshed. 

    Happy Dashain 2077 to everyone.


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