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Everything You Want to Know About 4th Day of Dashain Festival of Nepal

    4th Day of Dashain festival of Nepal :- Hinduism is one of the religions or way of life that is followed by over 1.5 Billion people all around the Word. It is also the religion which is vibrant with different festivals that are celebrated by all the Hindus around the world. Celebrations of this festival allow people to rekindle their lives and get together with their friends and family.

    One of the most important festivals of Hindus that is celebrated auspiciously in Nepal, India and in other nations where Hindus reside is the Dashain. Also known as Dusshera, Durga Puja or Navratri, Dashain festival is also considered as Bada Dashain in Nepal. 

    Dashain is the festival when Hindu Goddess Durga and her nine different manifestations are worshipped for the 15 days. In Nepal, it is celebrated for fifteen consecutive days, where each day has its unique importance or meaning. This festival starts from the Ashwin Shukla Prapada and ends on the Kojagrat Purnima.

    Dashain 2022 is coming near and is starting from October 17. From October 17, this festival will be celebrated for consecutive 15 days. These 15 days celebrate the power of women and the power of good over the evil.

    The Durga Mother Goddess

    The Durga Mother Goddess is one of the most popular of all the Goddess in Hindu religion. She has been worshipped for many hundreds of years and has become a famous symbol of femininity and strength. She is also a fierce warrior and protector of the womenfolk.

    The Indian tribes initially worshipped this Goddess Durga. Her temples are located across the world, and she is considered to be one of the most powerful and popular of all Goddess.

    The Durga is also known as Mother Goddess.

    To become a full-fledged Goddess of Durga, the worshiper has to undergo many rituals. She is believed to protect the family members from evil forces like evil spirits and demons. She also protects them from their enemies and is usually shown in a full-length gown adorned with weapons and other accessories. She is also the protector of the home.

    Various forms of worship are associated with the Durga. One such form is the ‘Kushmanda’ which is an ancient Indian science and discipline that deals with the study of nature and mythology. There are different sections and branches of Shastra that focus on other aspects of the nature of Hindu and festivals. The ‘Hindu’ schools of Shastra have various sections and branches and concentrate on the history, mythology, beliefs, science, astrology, and other related subjects. Durga is also revered in the different festivals of Nepal and India.

    Durga also gets many devotees through the different forms of worship. The Durga is worshiped at many temples in Nepal and India.

    The Festivities in Dashain

    Dashain is an extensively celebrated Hindu festival in the Himalaya country Nepal. It is undoubtedly the biggest festival in the Nepal. Dashain holds a very sacred place in the hearts of Nepalese people.

    When Nepal was separated into various regions, the festive activities of Dashain got divided into different districts of Nepal. Dashain festival is majorly celebrated on the day of Vijaya Dashami day.

    On the day of Vijaya Dashami, the people of Nepal celebrate Vijaya Dashami’s tradition and rituals like putting Tika and Jamara to youngers from elders as the blessings of Goddess Durga and start playing Swing or Ping, flying kites in the sky. All the elders start chanting the mantra of Goddess Durga while putting Tika and Jamara and wish everyone happy holidays.

    The Dashain festival of Nepal is also known as “Vijaya Dashami”. This festival is celebrated for three reasons. The first reason is that it celebrates for honor the power of women that the Goddess Durga completed her work of killing demon Mahishasur and protect the the people in this world. Second is that it also commemorates the victory of goodness over evil things.

    The third and last reason is that Dashain festival celebrates for the family get together and wishes for happy life.

    The people of Nepal are very enthusiastic about the festival of Dashain. People of Himalayas worship and celebrate the occasion during the days of Goddess Durga. People of this country celebrate and pray for the blessings of Lord Rama and Goddess Durga.

    History of Dashain Festival  

    Dashain is one of the many festivals that is being celebrated for hundreds of years in Nepal and other Asian countries. People did not start celebrating this festival for anything. This festival commemorates one of the most important mythological or religious moment. As per Hindu mythological saying, Dashain is being celebrated since the Sayta Yug (Truth Era).

    In this era, it is believed that there was a huge battle between good and evil. Evil demon Mahisasuara started terrorizing the entire village or world and stopping the evil, all the gods gathered together and fought the Devil. However, despite all the God’s efforts, Mahisusra defeated gods. Hence, all the gods created Goddess Durga with their light. Goddess Durga always fought with the Devil.

    The fight lasted for 9 consecutive days, and on the 10th day called Vijaya Dashami, Goddess Durga or Durga Bhawani defeated the demon freeing villagers from his terror. Since then, people have been celebrating this festival to commemorate the power of Goddess Durga, her 9 manifestations and power of women in general. 

    Importance of Each day of Dashain 

    Nepalese celebrate this festival for 15 consecutive days where each day has its unique importance. Starting from day 1, 9 different avatars of Durga are celebrated on each day. These 9 days are also called as Navratri

    • Day 1: Shilaputri
    • Day 2: Bhramacharini
    • Day 3: Chandraghanta 
    • Day 4: Kushmandu
    • Day 5: Skandmata
    • Day 6: Katyayani
    • Day 7: Kaalratri
    • Day 8: Mahagauri
    • Day 9: Siddhidaatri 

    The Navratri / Dashain starts from the first day, which is one of the most important days; Ghatasthapana. From this 

    day onwards, the celebrations and the ritual process starts. In this article, let’s find out a few of the activities that are 

    performed on the fourth day of Dashain. 

    Fourth Day of Dashain Festival

    Kushmanda Pooja

    The fourth day of Dashain festival is the day to worship Goddess Kushmandu. Goddess Kushmandu is one of the manifestations of Goddess Durga herself. It is believed that Goddess Parvati resides right at the centre of the sun to liberate energy.

    4th day of Dashain Navaratri Goddess Kushmanda
    Goddess Kushmanda

    Hence, goddess Parvati took the manifestation of Goddess Kushmanda. She is portrayed with 8 hands and riding the lioness. It is widely believed that worshipping Goddess Kushmanda brings wealth, strength and good health to the family. Goddess Kushmanda blesses her devotees with energy and power.”

    “Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah,
    Surasampurna Kalasham Rudhiraplutameva Cha,
    Dadhana Hastapadmabhyam Kushmanda Shubhadastu Me.
    Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Kushmanda Rupena Samsthita,
    Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah.”

    ॐ देवी कुश्मान्दयै नमः,
    सुरसम्पुर्ण कलशम रुधिरप्लुतमेव च,
    दधना हस्तपद्मभ्यम कुश्मान्द शुभदस्तु मे ।
    या देवी सर्वभुतेशु मा कुश्मान्द रुपेन सम्स्थित,
    नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः ।

    This is the mantra that is recited during the Kushmandu Pooja which entails the legends of Maa Kushmandu and offers her immense salutation. 

    Reciting Chandi Mantra 

    Chandi is a religious book including mantra that is recited for Durga Bhawani during entire Dashain Festival. Along with the prayers to Goddess Kushmandu, Chandi Mantra is also recited on the 4th day of Dashain. This mantra is recited each day from the first day of Dashain that is Ghatasthapana.

    This mantra is recited only by priests and male member of the family whose bratabanda has been done. Kids and females are not allowed to recite this mantra that is dedicated to Goddess Durga. 

    Below is one of the verses of Chandi mantra:

    “Yaa Devi Sarvabhutesu Shakti Rupena Samsthitaa Namas Tasyai Namas Tasyai NamasTasyai Namo Namah”

     The literal meaning of this mantra can be translated a” “To that Devi who in all beings is unceasing in the form of Power, salutations to her, salutations to her, salutations to her, salutations again and aga “n”

    As per Hindu Mythology, Chandi mantra is one of the most important and powerful mantras that gives power to Goddess Durga. This is recited every morning and evening for 9 days from Ghatasthapana Day. 

    Dashain Festival is the occasion to celebrate the victory of good over evil which is done by conducting Poojas and other religious activities. However, this festival is not limited to poojas and religious activities. Dashain is the festival of fun, happiness, laughter, colours and power.

    During this festival, we engage in various activities for fun and rejuvenating oneself. Few of the most important aspect of Dashain festival, especially in Nepal, are to play card games, flying kits, preparing different kinds of roti and getting together with the family. Playing poker games with family while eating different types of rotis is the best feeling one can have, and the Dashain is one occasion that lets people enjoy this feeling. 

    While Dashain has historical and mythological importance, the emotional attachment with Dashain festival rooted deep inside every Nepalese or Hindus around the world is the most important aspect of Dashain Festival. Celebration of this festival makes one rejoiced and full of happiness. Dashain 2022 is right around the corner and enjoy this festival with your friends and family. 

    Happy Dashain 2079 to everyone!


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